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Ultimate 10 Day Egypt Itinerary: How to See the Best of Egypt in 10 days

If you’re looking for the perfect 10-day Egypt itinerary, you have come to the right place.  Egypt is a dream location for most travelers. Seeing the Great Pyramids is at the top of most people’s bucket lists. This 10-day Egypt itinerary will not only fulfill your dream of seeing the Pyramids of Giza but visiting other iconic landmarks throughout the country as well.  

Traveling through Egypt is an amazing journey and adventure. This county is packed full of ancient history with thousands of year-old monuments of Pharaohs, Kings, and Queens.  

In this 10-day Egypt itinerary, you will explore some of the country’s best cities and major highlights. You’ll be captivated while admiring the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and taking glorious rides down the Nile River in a Felucca. Then be fascinated by seeing the enchanting sun-kissed temples in the open-air museums of Luxor.

These cities’ intricate details, stories, and history will leave you speechless. Then, of course, this trip would not be complete without getting panoramic views of the Great Pyramids of Giza. 

Desert, Sun, & Beach

This Egypt itinerary takes you through the golden deserts and to the sandy beach for some relaxation while dipping your toes in the Red Sea.

The more you explore this wonderful country, the more you will fall in love.

The Egyptian pyramids may be your initial motivation for coming to Egypt, but you will be astonished by the other incredible cities to see on this 10-day Egypt itinerary. After your trip to Egypt, you’ll be planning another trip to come back again.

So without further ado, here is how to spend 10-days in Egypt itinerary.

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Egypt 10-Day Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive in Cairo
  • Day 2: Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum
  • Day 3: Fly to Aswan and Explore Philae Temple
  • Day 4: Abu Simbel and Nubian Village
  • Day 5: Travel to Luxor
  • Day 6: East and West Banks of Luxor
  • Day 7: Fly to Sharm El Sheik 
  • Day 8: Relax at the Red Sea and Adventure in the Sinai Desert
  • Day 9: Fly back to Cairo and Continue Exploring
  • Day 10: Fly home

Day 1 – Egypt Itinerary – Arriving in Cairo

You will start your Egypt itinerary in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Most people fly internationally to Cairo international airport. Once you fly in, it’s likely you’ll be arriving later in the day. Today you’ll be checking into your hotel. We arrived in Cairo in the evening, then checked into our hotel at about 11 PM. I know it was late. Therefore, get a full night’s rest for your touring tomorrow.

Day 2 – Explore Giza Pyramids & Cairo

Start your day off by heading to the Great Pyramids first thing in the morning. How exciting?! Seeing the pyramids is one of the main reasons people visit Cairo. Visiting the Giza Pyramids is a site you will want to knock off your bucket list. By doing so, you’ll be standing amongst ancient history.

The Great Pyramid is the only Seven Wonders of the Ancient world left. It is a dream walking around the Giza Plateau while gazing at the ancient pyramids up close.  

While there, you can ride camels through the desert, go inside the pyramids, and kiss the Sphinx.

CAIRO, EGYPT - Ms. Southernverse.com

Egyptian Museum

After being amazed by the architecture and history of the Great Pyramids, it’s time to check out the Egyptian Museum. Since you will be starting your morning off early, you can spend a few hours in the afternoon at the museum.

After checking out the museum, you could go shopping at the Khan El-Khalili Bazaar. Then head back to the hotel for dinner and get ready to fly out in the morning. I know it may seem quick, but we have a lot of ground to cover on this Egypt itinerary. 

For more detailed information on things to do at the Pyramids of Giza, Read Best Travel Tips for visiting Pyramids of Giza.

Where to stay in Giza

I recommended staying somewhere near the Pyramids of Giza. The Cairo airport is about an hour from Giza and the Pyramids, and the traffic is insane. So it’ll be better to be close to the Pyramids so you won’t spend precious time in traffic.

CAIRO, EGYPT ast Marriott Mena House - Ms. Southernverse.com
Marriott Mena House

Not only should you stay near the pyramids, but staying at a Pyramid view hotel is incredible. Marriott Mena House is where we stayed, and I would stay here again. We loved waking up to the spectacular views of the Pyramids from our hotel balcony. It is a mind-blowing experience.

Plus, the pyramids are so close you can walk to them from the hotel.  

The Marriott’s courtyard is beautiful and is another excellent area to walk around to see the Pyramids. Plus, there’s a restaurant in the courtyard with a fantastic breakfast buffet. Eat your delicious breakfast while gazing up at the pyramids. 

Giza Pyramids View Inn

Giza Pyramids View Inn is a bed and breakfast with breathtaking views of the pyramids. It’s 1,000 feet from the Great Sphinx, and you can see the Sound and Light Show from the terrace for free! Additionally, they provide a continental breakfast for you to enjoy.. 

Hayat Pyramids View Hotel features guest rooms and private terraces for spectacular views of the Giza pyramids. The Giza Pyramids are only 350 away from the accommodation.

Day 3 – Fly to Aswan: Explore Philae Temple & Nubian Village

Have you heard of Aswan, Egypt? Before I started my research and set my sights on visiting Egypt and the Pyramids, I hardly heard of Aswan. But let me tell you, Aswan is a city you will love and need to have on your Egypt itinerary.  

Aswan is a gorgeous city in the southern part of Egypt. Aswan is a more laid-back city than Cairo, yet it has some of the most iconic landmarks.  

Philae temple - Ms. Southernverse.com
Philae Temple Complex with our tour guide Heba

Philae Temple

Since we took an early morning flight, we visited Philae Temple first. Philae Temple is a complex built to honor Goddess Isis, the wife of Osiris, in 280 BCE during Ptolemy II Philadelphus’ reign. This temple is unique in that you have to take a boat along the Nile River to the island of Agilka to get there.

After taking a pleasant ride on the water, you’ll see the stunning complex. On a beautiful sunny day, you’ll see the sandstone temples radiating from the sun. Admire the beautiful artwork etched in the temples telling the story of Isis and Osiris.   

By this time, after seeing the gorgeous Philae Temple, it’s time for lunch. We decided to check into our hotel and eat lunch at Movenpick Hotel

Nubian Village

If you feel up to it, I’d recommend going to the Nubian Village after lunch. Walk around the colorful Nubian homes and find unique souvenirs to bring back with you.  

The best thing we enjoyed in the Nubian Village was the food. We had the best food hands down at a restaurant in Nubain Village. Not only was the food outstanding, but the views of the Nile we encountered while we dined were spectacular.

Nubian Village - Ms. Southernverse.com

I think that is another fantastic thing about Aswan because the view of the Nile River is heaven. Having dinner as the sun was setting was picturesque, calming, and beautiful.

Where to stay in Aswan

We stayed in Aswan for 2 nights on this Egypt itinerary. There are 2 prominent luxury hotels in Aswan.  

Movenpick Resort Aswan

The first one is Movenpick Resort Aswan, which is where we stayed. Movenpick is on Elephantine Island in the middle of the Nile River. You have to take a ferry to get there. I know, crazy, right?! But it was worth it.  

The hotel is nice, pleasant, and in an incredible location. It’s an upscale resort, and the employees are super accommodating. While here, make sure to have dinner at the Panorama Restaurant & Bar to get the best views in Aswan of The Nile River. 

Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel

The other hotel that’s a great choice is Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel. This hotel sits along the Nile River, and it is famous for having the likes of celebrities and dignitaries such as Agatha Christie and Winston Churchhill stay there.

Its hotel was first built in 1899, and it has an eclectic Victorian style with Moorish architecture and historical charm. However, it has been renovated over the years and has a modern feel in its newest wing, “The Nile”. 

Day 4 – Day Trip to Abu Simbel

I hope you got a good night’s rest because it’s time to take a day trip to Abu Simbel. The drive to Abu Simble was about 3 – 4 hours. It’s 142 miles from Aswan and is on the bank of Lake Nasser. It’s common for people to leave about 4 in the morning, especially if you are going with a tour group. However, we had a private car hire and tour guide, so we left about 6 AM.

Abu Simbel - Egypt Itinerary - Ms. Southernverse

When we arrived at Abu Simbel, thankfully, there wasn’t a big crowd, so we could enjoy touring the grounds fully.

Abu Simbel is a legendary landmark in Egypt and the main reason we traveled to Aswan. Abu Simbel consists of two incredible monuments cut out of rock formations. The first colossal monument is of King Ramses II. Then the second temple is for King Ramses II’s favorite wife, Queen Nefertiti. 

Aswan Egypt - Ms. Southernverse

After your trip to Abu Simbel, you will have some free time to tour Aswan if you’d like. Some other things to explore are the Nubian Museum, taking a Felucca Ride, or shopping in the Souks. 

To see full details about planning your trip to Aswan, read my 12 Best Things to do in Aswan post here.

Day 5 – Egypt Itinerary – Travel to Luxor

Get an early morning start and travel to Luxor. We’ll be traveling to Luxor by a private car hire with our tour guide Heba on this Egypt itinerary. There are other ways to travel to Luxor, which I will talk more in-depth about in this post. From Aswan to Luxor, it takes around 4 hours to get there by car.  

Luxor is another stunning city south of Cairo, Egypt, along the Nile River. The Nile River splits the city into two sides, the East and West Banks. There are several iconic sites to see on each side of the river.

Luxor is known for having the “World’s greatest open-air museum” you’ll ever see. Touring this amazing ancient city of Thebes will be one of the highlights of your Egypt itinerary.

Where to stay in Luxor

Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa

Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa is a luxury resort and spa situated along the Nile River facing the West Bank.

The day we arrived in Luxor, we checked into our hotel and relaxed for the rest of the day. Here you can lay out by the infinity pool, get a massage, or a Mani/Pedi at the spa. 

Hilton Luxor - Ms. Southernverse

Enjoy a delicious dinner, relax and get ready for a full day of touring tomorrow. The food here was pretty good, with a complimentary breakfast buffet. The dinner buffet is yummy, offering local and Mediterranean dishes. Also, you could have a beautiful formal dinner at their other elegant restaurant on site.

The Hilton Luxor resort is one of the best I’ve stayed at in Egypt. The views were incredible; the rooms were lovely, roomy, and very comfortable. 

Click here to check out rates and availability.

Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor

Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor is another famous luxury resort in Luxor. It’s a historic hotel built in the 19th century that sits along the East bank of the Nile River. This upscale 5* hotel has accommodated royals and dignitaries and preserves its historic charm and authenticity.

This palace is another wonderful option for a hotel stay with complimentary breakfast, exquisite gardens, and majestic views of the Nile River.

Click here to check out rates and availability.

Day 6 – Explore East and West Banks Luxor

Some people will spend 1 day touring the East bank and another day on the West Bank. However, we will do it all for this Egypt itinerary in one day. 

Egypt Itinerary - Ms. Southernverse

Valley of the Kings

First up is visiting the Valley of the Kings first thing in the morning. The Valley of the Kings is a mortuary built for the Pharaohs. They wanted a place to keep their bodies preserved and hidden from robbers so that they could continue their journey into the afterlife.  

Valley of the Kings Tombs - M. Southernverse

It is a glorious landscape of tombs carved deep into the grounds in the Valley. There are 3 tombs you can visit on your general ticket, but to visit the most famous tombs such as Ramses V/VI and King Tut, you’ll have to buy a separate ticket.

Temple of Hatshepsut

The following site to visit is the Temple of Hatshepsut.  The magnificent temple is a mortuary built for Queen Hatshepsut (1479-1458 B.C.). She is one of the first and best female pharaohs to rule Egypt.

Temple of Hatshepsut

Colossi of Memnon

After a few hours of exploring those 2 sites, you can also make a pit stop at the Colossi of Memnon to see the 2 gigantic monuments of Pharaoh Amenhotep III standing there for more than 3,500 years!

Karnak Temple

The following thing to do along this Egypt itinerary is to visit Karnak Temple. Karnak Temple is one of the world’s largest temples and open-air museums. Here you will be mesmerized by the enormous pillars encompassing hieroglyphics carved into the stone.  

Egypt Itinerary - Ms. Southernverse

Make sure to walk around the entire complex that consists of temples, huge statues, inscribed columns, pylons, and more.

Besides that, don’t miss going by the Sacred Lake as the sun glistens down over the water. 

Karnak Temple - Ms. Southernverse.com

Luxor Temple

Another place not to be missed is the Luxor Temple. Luxor Temple is a smaller complex, but it’s just as magnificent as the Karnak Temple. The first things you’ll see walking up are giant statues of Ramesses and an Obelisk.

Luxor Temple - Ms. Southernverse

Next, you can marvel in amazement at the gorgeous papyrus columns. Then visit the other areas, such as the Court of Rameses, Amenhotep, and Amenhotep III Colonnade.  

Besides that, you could visit the Luxor Museum, Edfu temple, Kom Ombo, and Valley of the Queens if you have another day to spare.

For more details about planning your trip to Luxor, Read: 10 Best Things to Do in Luxor here

Day 7&8 – Egypt Itinerary – Fly to Sharm El Sheik

We decided that we wanted to get a glimpse of the Sinai desert and the Red Sea. So we decided to stay in Sharm El Sheik for 2 nights.  

Sharm El-Sheik is quite different from Cairo and Aswan as it is more of a beach town. It has more of a resort touristy vibe, but our family’s main objective was to have some relaxing time on the beach and visit the desert.  

Where to Stay in Sharm El Sheik

Rixos Premium Seagate Resort

We stayed at a Rixos Premium Seagate, an excellent Ultra all-inclusive resort. Yes, I said ALL inclusive, meaning all the 9 restaurants, buffets, drinks alcohol, and non-alcoholic drinks are included. The selection of restaurants was incredible from Turkish, Brazilian, Seafood, Italian, etc. The food was amazing and endless.

There are 2 different sides available to stay. There is a side for families that want to be near the on-site Water Park. Then there’s the other side that’s on their private beach. You can frequent both sides day and night by catching the trolleys. 

There are several other resorts to stay in Sharm el-Sheik, like adult-friendly resorts here.

Click here to see more resort options.

Egypt Itinerary - Sharm El Sheik

Relax on the beach & Water Activities

So, the resort we stayed at is right on a private beach. So as I said before, our objective was to have some fun on the beach, so it was perfect that the resort had its private beach.  

Other than that, you can do several water activities besides lying on the beach.  

The Red Sea is known for having one of the best deep-sea diving experiences globally. Additionally, you can also take a submarine ride to see the sea life and corals of the sea.

Furthermore, take a cruise on the Red Sea to another beach. If you’re not afraid of swimming deep in the water, go snorkeling and swim with the fish. 

I traveled to Egypt with my teen, so the first thing she wanted to do was go to the resort’s on-site water park, which was cool and pretty big for a resort. The resort has 23 waterslides, a lazy river, and a wave pool. So if you’re looking for things to do in Egypt with kids, this is the ideal place to go.

Sharm El Sheik Resort Beach
Adventure Time

You don’t have to do anything besides lay on the beach to relax. Since it’s an all-inclusive resort, you wouldn’t have to leave since everything is on-site. However, if you decide that relaxing on the beach isn’t enough and want some adventure, go on a Desert Safari.

We love driving ATVs whenever we travel to desert and mountain climates like the Canary Islands and Morocco. It’s exhilarating driving through dirt, rocks, and mountains while allowing you to see other parts of the city.

Sunset Desert Safari Tour

We took a sunset safari in the Sinai desert, and it was spectacular. Seeing the sun peaking over the mountains was amazing. It was so cool driving the buggies at dusk, with dirt kicking up filling the sky as riders emerged through the shadows.

To book this buggies tour, click here.

Village in Sharm El Sheik - Ms. Southernverse
Stopped at a village for tea and shisha

Go Hiking

You can take a guided tour hiking Mt. Sinai and see where Moses was given the 10 Commandments from Jesus. Wouldn’t that be something?

To book this hiking tour, click here.

Egypt Itinerary - Ms. Southernverse

Want to see even more culture and beautiful architecture? Then visit the famous Al Sahaba Mosque in Old Town. Looking at the intricate creation of this exquisite mosque will blow you away. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen IRL.

You can book all of these excursions in Sharm El Sheik with your resort. However, if you prefer and want to do more research, check out GetYourGuide. They have bookings with reputable companies there too.

To see more activities for Sharm El Sheik, click here.

Al Sahaba Mosque
Can you see me squinting without my sunglasses?

Day 9: Fly back to Cairo

Take an early morning flight back to Cairo to spend one last night here. This will allow you to get more sightseeing done and make the best of your Egypt itinerary. 

More things to do in Cairo 

Here you have the option to visit the other pyramids, the famous Ramesses II statue, and Saqqara Necropolis in the ancient city of Memphis.  

Don’t miss going to Cairo Tower to get spectacular panoramic views of the city at 614 feet high. 

Additionally, you can visit the Egyptian Museum if you didn’t get a chance to go before. You could also go back to see the Pyramids of Giza one more time. Let’s be real, you can’t get enough of this ancient world wonder. 

Lastly, go in the evening to walk and shop at the infamous Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.  

Great Pyramids of Egypt

Day 10: Fly home

Egypt Itinerary Final Thoughts

Traveling throughout Egypt to Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel, and Sharm El Sheik is the perfect way to see the highlights of Egypt. Of course, you can play around with this Egypt itinerary if you have fewer or more days to spend here.

All in all, Egypt was a trip of a lifetime. The amount of ancient history and monuments we were able to explore was astonishing. My teenage daughter and I will remember this trip forever.  

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know about your journey and if my 10-day Egypt itinerary has helped you. Respond in the comments below. 

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