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Best Things To Do in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a beautiful island of Spain off the coast of Africa. Gran Canaria has a tremendous amount of things to offer for visitors and locals alike. Here I will share a list of the Best Things to Do and See in Gran Canaria. Rather you are an adventurer, history enthusiast, or just like to relax on your vacation. I have an activity listed for all of these things. So, let’s just jump right into it.

Best Things To Do in Gran Canaria

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Take a tour with GetYourGuide and ride on a camel through the desert. Experience the huge sand dunes of Maspalomas beach that is off the coast of Africa on another level.  The camel ride lasts for approximately 30 minutes.  For this trip, ensure you bring sunscreen, especially being in the hot sunny desert.  You will also want to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated. 

Whale and Dolphin Boat Cruise

Taking a whale and dolphin cruise was one of my favorite things to do. Take a whale and dolphin watching boat cruise and sail along the beautiful ocean.  Here you can relax as you sail off-shore and enjoy the incredible mountains and ocean views. Then once you get to the heart of the dolphins, watch as the whales and dolphins swim around and dip in and out of the water. While the boat is in the middle of all the action, you will be pretty close and see the marine life perfectly.  My family and I thoroughly enjoyed this and I know young kids would have a blast. You can book that tour here.

Layout By The Beach

Just have a lazy day or half-day and layout on the beach while enjoying the beautiful weather, water, and sun.  There are plenty of beaches to choose from in Gran Canaria. I really enjoyed laying out on Puerto Rico Beach. The oceanside views on this beach are incredible. This is also the same beach that we took our boat cruises from. Additionally, this beach is lined with restaurants of traditional Canarian food and lots of seafood. So go ahead relax and watch the kids make sandcastles while getting a suntan.

Puerto Rico Beach

Go Rock Climbing

Gran Canaria is a mountainous and volcanic region. You will have several rock formations to choose from. If you are an adventure seeker then try your hand at a guided rock climbing tour. You can set up a tour to go rock climbing through GYG.  

Visit A Vineyard

Visit a vineyard where the grapes are harvested.  It’s a pretty neat experience especially if you are a wine enthusiast.  Explore the winery and get a taste of the harvested grapes and coffee beans.  You will get a chance to sample the fresh wine also.  And while you’re at it try tasting the fresh-roasted coffee beans on the spot, it is so good.  You can enjoy the amazing views of the countryside as well.  We toured a winery in Northern Gran Canaria check it out here.

Water Sports in Gran Canaria

The Atlantic ocean’s clear blue water is so beautiful to look at and have fun in.  There are so many water sports to choose from.  Snorkeling would be a great idea to see the tropical fish and coral reefs.  Jet skis is a fun adventure of being out on the water.  Parasailing is another great option to see the ocean and beach views from the sky. Here are a few tours to choose from on GYG

Visit Roque Nublo

This reserve is the symbol of the continent and is a famous landmark for the island and long loved by the locals.  Learn about its rich history and what this rock symbolizes and means to the people.  According to Hellocanaryislands, this volcanic monument was naturally formed from the deterioration of surrounding rock formations.  It stands at 80 meters high and the base of this rock is 1,750 meters above sea level. 

Food Tasting Tour

Go on a food tour to learn about the food specialties this island has to offer. Tours tend to take you to places that might not be well known by tourists, but are local favorites.

Go Mountain Bike Riding 

If you are a fitness buff, or if you just want to have a different form of transportation, then try biking through the mountains.  It’s very popular here and you can stop and explore the island as you please. This is another excellent adventure-seeking excursion.

Visit A Botanical Garden

Jardin-botanico-garden-gran-canaria; Best Things To Do in Gran Canaria
Dragon Trees at Jardin Botanico

Get a glimpse of what this island nature life is all about. Cactus plants aren’t the only typical desert plants you will find on this beautiful island.  It’s also full of Palm trees and other exotic plants and trees like the Dragon trees. Jardin Botanico is one of the most popular botanical gardens on the island.  I personally love plants and love finding new exotic plants that I’ve never seen before.  I even brought 3 small cactus plants back home with me as a souvenir. Such a cool gift idea too!

Check out more photos from our Gran Canaria trip here.

Ride Dune Buggies

Ride dune buggies through the mountains!! This was an awesome adventure that we decided to partake in. We got a chance to see some amazing views from the top of the mountains at a famous viewpoint called (Fatagma). This is a great way to see the island and explore its beauty.  We booked a tour through GetYourGuide here and this route was incredible. It took us all the way to the top of the mountains, though it’s many winding roads and all the way back down.  Which is where we did some off-roading towards the end. Check out my entire post here.  If you want to book this Guided buggy tour click here.  

Check out more photos from our Gran Canaria trip here.

There you have it, my choice of the Best Things to Do in Gran Canaria. What do you think?

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Best Things To Do in Gran Canaria
Best Things To Do in Gran Canaria

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