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Are you dreaming of traveling? Granted, it may not be the optimal time to travel right now, but you can always plan ahead. So, this free travel bucket checklist has all of the best places to travel within Europe and Africa.

Specifically, you can use this Europe & Africa Travel Bucket List post we wrote to print and post it up in your home or office and check off the places as you visit them. But also if you have a travel planner or journal you can put it in there.

Furthermore, this bucket list is in bulletized format with checkboxes, which makes it a great form to print out. I also included some empty space with checkboxes on this checklist in case you have some destinations you want to add.

Also, this list is also perfect to use as a guide on what places you want to travel to first and you can start planning your travel itinerary.

Additionally, if you haven’t seen our post on Europe & Africa Bucket List, then go check it out now. It has tons of information about what to see and do in countries like Italy, Greece, Iceland and more.

This post also has a good range of different activities for you to choose from in each country listed. So while you are doing that planning, this bucket list post will guide you along and give you ideas of where you want to go.

In essence, you can print as many copies of the checklist as you need for your personal use. You can have them at your job and at home.

  • Download it on your computer or phone
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