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Priority Pass: Airport Lounge Access for Better Travel Experiences

Travel through the airport like a BOSS.  Let’s face it, sometimes traveling can be stressful.  Like when you’re trying to figure out what to pack for your destination and looking for great deals for buying tickets.  Even getting to the airport on time, getting thru security is stressful.  Waiting in those long lines to ensure your bags are clear for take-off can be draining.  However, having access to premium lounges with Priority Pass is a GAME CHANGER.  

Priority Pass will be a great solution to help relieve some of that stress and travel woes while at the airport.  Priority Pass is the best travel companion you never knew you needed in your life.  

Do you want to feel like a VIP while traveling? Without the VIP expense? Well, then Priority Pass is for you. 

I’ve been using Priority Pass for a few years now, and I love it!!  I wish I would’ve known about this incredible membership decades ago.  Since I travel a lot, it is really convenient to have VIP treatment in these impressive lounges worldwide.  Before Priority Pass, the only lounges I would have access to is the USO lounge, that’s for military members.  Those lounges are far and few between, not as nearly as many available everywhere as Priority Pass.

In this article, I will talk to you about what exactly is a Priority Pass, how you can get your hands on one, and the benefits of why you need one today.  

So let’s jump into it.  

Priority Pass is the World’s leading independent airport lounge network in the world. It is the best travel companion you need in your life. Click through post to learn more.

This post contains affiliate links to the products that I use and recommend. If you click on any of the links and make a purchase, then I may earn a small commission. For more info, click my full disclosure.

What is Priority Pass

Priority Pass Membership

Priority Pass is the World’s leading independent airport lounge network in the world. They have over 1300 lounges spanning across 600 cities, 148 countries, with more being added monthly.  The network of lounges is worldwide throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, UK and Ireland, Asia, Latin America & Caribbean, and the USA.  

The Priority Pass program is established so that anyone can enjoy a relaxing experience.  The Priority Pass is for anyone regardless of what ticket class you have or the airline you are flying with.  Another thing is you don’t have to be a part of an airport lounge loyalty program like Delta Skymiles or United Airlines Plus.  Additionally, you don’t have to fly with a specific airline to get into that lounge either. 

With Priority Pass, you can fly with any airline, and have any type of boarding ticket and still have access to a premier lounge.  When you sign up for Priority Pass, you will reap all the benefits of tranquility and relaxation while waiting to board your flight.  

Furthermore, Priority Pass has grown over the last 25 years and has millions of members.  Priority Pass isn’t a standalone brand of lounges.  However, Priority Pass company works with third-party organizations such as airlines, lounges, and merchants.

So, whether you are going on a trip for business or vacation, you can enjoy the VIP lounges with comfort and peace.  Whether you are an occasional traveler or a frequent flyer, this pass will be beneficial and change your travel experiences…for the better.  

How to Get a Priority Pass

It’s pretty easy to get a Priority Pass and become a member.  All you have to do is go to the website.  Then once there, click on join Priority Pass

Priority Pass Plans

After you are on the website, you will have an option to pick a plan. There are 3 different plans available.  

  •  Standard 

This is the basic plan.  This plan is for people that travel occasionally.  The standard plan includes 1 free visit for the member, and then it’ll be $32 for every visit after.  Also, to bring a guest, the fee will be $32.

  • Standard Plus 

The Standard Plus plan takes it up a notch.  It’s for people that travel pretty regularly.  

Signing up with this plan will get you 10 FREE visits to the lounges. Then after that, it’ll cost you $32 per visit.  You can also bring a guest with you for free once, then $32 after that.


The Prestige plan is the elite plan that is for people that frequently travel throughout the year.  ALL of your visits will be FREE.  You can have a guest enter with you for free, but only once, then $32 after that.

Save 25% Lounge Acces

Accessing A Lounge

To access a lounge, all you have to do is show your physical membership card or the digital one available on the app.  Plus, a bonus is that no reservation is necessary.  You’ll just need to check before your airport visit what lounges are available and the hours.

Benefits of Having A Priority Pass

1. Priority Pass is Worldwide

Since Priority Pass has 1300 lounges across the globe, no matter where you fly, there’s a high chance there is an airport lounge available to you. 

“The result is that today Priority Pass still offers more lounges, in more cities, in more countries than any other program.  And it’s why every visit is defined by faster, easier access.” 

Here are a few major airports where lounges are available


  • Atlanta GA International
  • Dallas TX International
  • Tampa FL Int’l
  • Washington DC Dulles Intl
  • Los Cabos International
  • San Franciso CA Intl


  • London Heathrow Intl
  • Edinburgh Intl
  • Dublin Intl


  • Continental Europe
  • Barcelona El Prat
  • Athens International
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle
  • Stuttgart
  • Rome Fiumicino
  • Frankfurt Main

Middle East

  • Abu Dhabi Intl
  • Dubai Intl
  • Muscat Intl


  • Bangkok Don Mueang Intl
  • Beijing Capital International 
  • Hong Kong Check Lap Kok Intl

2. Priority Pass App

What’s also remarkable about Priority Pass is that you can download their free app.  

The app has features of Airport Guides and maps of the airports.  It gives you an overview of the airport, like information about terminals, etc.  Additionally, you’ll see info for restrooms, shuttles, bars, ATMs, and much more.  There are currently 10 indoor maps available within the app, including London Heathrow and Dubai, but they will continue to add more.  

Another feature on the app is that you can find out all of the available lounges.  Plus, get directions to the lounge and information such as hours and what facilities within that lounges are available.

In addition, when you become a member of Priority Pass, you will receive a black/gold card, which looks similar to a debit/credit card.  But if you don’t want to carry that card around, you can add the card to the app as a digital membership card.  Once you add your card, you can leave the plastic card at home and just use the app to access a lounge by scanning your QR code on the contactless station.  

3. Free Food and Drinks 

Who doesn’t like free food?  Plus free drinks like juice and Alcohol?  With Priority Pass, you can enjoy FREE pre-flight snacks before your journey.  Before COVID-19, some of the lounges had buffets with spreads of food.  However, to be cautious, they have stopped doing the buffets and are now doing made-to-order.  

They implemented new COVID safety standards, such as placing QR codes on the tables.  You can then scan the QR code and order your food through its website, and then they will bring you the food to the table. 

Priority Pass

But this hasn’t been established at every single lounge, though.  You will place your order at the counter in other lounges, and they will bring the food out to your table. 

The beverages are still self-serve, and they have all the good stuff.  They have selections of coffee (usually espresso machines), water, OJ.  Some lounges even have FREE alcohol.  Whatever floats your boat. 

Some of the foods at the lounges are quick bites.  I think I’ve only been in a lounge in the morning, so we’ve had choices of breakfast sandwiches, eggs, bacon/sausage, fruit, yogurt, muffins, bread, etc.  Most lounges serve both hot and cold dishes. Either way saving money on food while traveling is always a bonus. 

4. Less Crowded

This right here, besides free food, is another MAJOR reason you need to have a Priority Pass.  Being able to avoid the crowds and relax in peace.  Airports can be very crowded. No, let me rephrase that, airports are crowded.  People are waiting at the terminal on top of each other.  

And with COVID taking extra precautions while traveling has never been so important.  So going to a lounge is ideal since the lounges are less crowded.  It’s easy for you to space out from other travelers.  

For instance, if traveling through Europe like London, Spain, etc.  Most of the time, you don’t even know what gate you’re flying out of until 45 minutes or less before boarding.  The waiting areas in the airports are busy, loud, and surrounded by stores and restaurants. 

If you want to get away from the crowds and have peace of mind before your flight, then get a Priority Pass and chill in a lounge.

5. Comfortable Furniture

So not only are the lounges less crowded and more peaceful, but it’s also comfortable.  The lounge chairs are so heavenly.  They have big and plush chairs that you can sink yourself into and relax.  This is a big difference from the small steel uncomfortable chairs at the gates.  Plus, there are lovely comfortable sofas that you can unwind on.  When they say, it’s a lounge…It’s a lounge.

Priority Pass

6. Restrooms

Most of the lounges have restrooms inside them, so you don’t have to wait in long lines at the public ones.  Ladies, you know what I’m talking about right?  The lines to the restrooms for us are usually super duper long.  So having one available to you at a lounge makes such a big difference. 

7. Sleep Lounges

There are some lounge options in airports for sleeping only.  For instance, in Atlanta International Airport, there are Minutes Suites available for Priority Pass members.  It is a single individual lounge that includes a daybed sofa (sleeps 2), pillows, fresh blankets, a workstation, a sound masking system that helps decrease noise.  

Then at Dubai International airport, there is a Sleep n’ Fly Sleep Lounge & Showers available for use.  It includes a 1-3 hour stay in a single or double-cabin equipped with a single or double bed, linen, and power outlets.  Additionally, there is wake-up service, towels, slippers, travel adapters, and the use of the showers.  I wanted to name just a few examples.  There are plenty of other lounges similar to this within the network across the globe.

8. Can Invite Guests

Depending on what plan you go with, you can have 1 or more guests come to the lounge with you.  Therefore, you don’t have to enjoy the lounge alone.  You can bring family and friends to the lounge with you.  

The number of guests allowed depends on the lounge you’re visiting.  If your membership is directly through Priority Pass, then when you bring a guest with you, that fee will get charged to your account at the fixed rate of $32.  But this depends on your plan and how many guests you’ve had previously.  However, if you get your pass through a credit card issuer, guests’ fees may vary.  Children under a particular age can visit for free.

Most of the time, I am traveling with my family, so I can get 2 guests in the lounge for free.  So imagine 3 people able to eat and drink for free.  Can you imagine how much money you are saving?  Having to pay for food for 3 people in the airport can be rather pricey.  However, with Priority Pass, you can put your money away and save it for other things like buying souvenirs.  

You are our Priroity

9. Shower Facilities

You can take a shower?!  What?!  Yes, if you’ve had a long-haul flight and still have more to go, then taking a shower may be a delightful treat for you.  Getting refreshed always makes you feel better and more at ease.  Showers are available at select lounges, so make sure to look up the lounges ahead of time.  However, using the showers is subject to payment. 

10. Spa Treatment

Priority Pass has partnered with other merchants for discounts and special offers, and that includes spa services.  One of those merchants that provides spa treatments is XpresSpa.  You can go there get a massage treatment before your flight to help relieve stress. 

Doesn’t that sound amazing?!  That is an enjoyable benefit of being a Priority Pass holder.  Get pampered as you wait for your flight.

11. Selection of Entertainment

Besides relaxing in a lounge, there are other things to do for entertainment.  Most lounges have TVs you can watch, newspapers and magazines available to read too.  Some even have a cinema!  Others will have a separate library to engross in the different selections of reading material. 

So it’s a little something there for everyone’s entertainment needs.

12. Charge Up Those Gadgets

Speaking of entertainment, we all travel with gadgets these days, from iPads, Kindles, Laptops to headphones, and of course, our cell phones.  

Don’t you despise having to search and search for somewhere to charge your dying cell phone? Not only that, if you do find somewhere to charge your gadgets in the airport, it’s usually taken or surrounded by other people that are in the way.  

However, when you visit a lounge, they provide those power-charge outlets in several places. It’s not crowded, and you will be able to charge all of your gadgets peacefully.  No more having to sit on the floor near the bathroom to charge your gadgets.  Instead, you can kick your feet up on a cozy sofa while charging your devices.  Kinda like if you were at home.  So before you jump on that plane, you can ensure all of your devices are fully charged in the lounge. 

13. In Airport Dining & Retail Shopping

Okay, so say you go to an airport, and you love this particular restaurant, and that’s the only place you’ll be able to eat it.  Then you are in luck because with Priority Pass, they have discounts on dining too.  They have teamed up with restaurants and other merchants to give their members special discounts.  As a member, you’ll have access to over 800 discounts on dining, purchases like from Duty-Free Americas, InMotion Entertainment, and more.  

So you may ask, when would this come in handy for me? I don’t necessarily want to dine in at an airport or purchase anything.  In my circumstances, I’m from the United States, but I’ve been living in England for 3 years now.  I don’t have the luxury of eating at most American restaurants or having access to some American stores.  So when I do travel back to the states, I don’t always have the time to eat at a specific restaurant at my final destination.  Therefore, I may decide to eat at a restaurant because I haven’t had that food in a lonnnggg time.  And the only chance I would have is at that airport.  So in retrospect, that’s why Priority Pass has expanded to offer more airport experiences for its members because of instances like this. 

14. Free Wi-Fi

No longer will you have to use up all your data when traveling through an airport.  Why?  Because you’ll have access to free Wi-Fi in most of the lounges.  You can keep in touch with your family and friends or stream a movie while you wait to board the plane. 

Plus, it beats using the public airport Wi-Fi that never seems to work or is extra slow anyway.

***Extra tidbit, if you are hesitant about using public Wi-Fi and would like more streaming privacy and protection, then using NordVPN is a great tool.  

15. Priority Pass for Business

Do you travel for business?  Well then, Priority Pass is perfect for you too.  Some of the lounges have special conference rooms for those that need to take care of business.  There are usually fax machines available for you to fax over those last-minute documents.  Also telephones you can use to make a quick business call.  

Therefore, you won’t have to go to the bathroom to get some quietness to take that important business call.  You can use the conference rooms in the lounges instead and get some added privacy. 

Priority Pass Sign Up

So are you ready to become a Priority Pass member and Travel like a BOSS? Then don’t forget to sign-up for Priority Pass through any of my links in this post. I’ll be glad that you decide to join millions of others like me to ease your travel needs.

If you have any questions please leave them below in the comments.

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Priority Pass is the World’s leading independent airport lounge network in the world. It is the best travel companion you need in your life. Click through post to learn more.


  1. Priority pass I guess is best suited for persons who frequently travel. But love the perks ans benefits of becoming a priority pass member. Thank you for sharing; it was informative.

  2. How interesting! I’ve been to a couple Delta lounges and they’re amazing. This sounds like a great tool to get access to all kinds of luxury lounges!

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