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Romantic Weekend Getaway in Bath

Bath is a romantic Roman-inspired city and it is a perfect romantic weekend getaway to reset your love-life. And to just get away and not worry about the worries of least for a weekend. 

The City of Bath is the only UNESCO World Heritage site that’s an actually an entire town in the United Kingdom, and rightfully so. This historic city is where the Romans lived thousands of years ago.

Bath is so different from the hustle and bustle of big cities like London. Bath is a city that is pretty calm and peaceful. 

The city is quaint and small enough to walk around everywhere. It’s awe-inspiring to see the beautiful architectural buildings surrounding this city.

Keep reading as I show you the best things to do for a perfect romantic weekend in Bath.

Weekend getaway Roman Bath @Ms. Southernverse

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Roman Baths

Romantic Weekend getaway Bath

Start your romantic weekend getaway at The Roman Baths. The bath is historically preserved waters that have been constructed during 70 AD. It has officially became apart of the UNESECO World Heritage. The thermal baths have beautiful architecture and museums that tell the history of how the Romans would bathe and enjoy their leisure time. It’s like a live re-enacted bath spa that shows and gives the history of the Romans culture over 2,000 years ago. This place is like a museum now with its amazing fact that we are walking on the same grounds as them.

Once inside

The Roman Baths consist of Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House, Roman Bath, and the Great Bath. 

The Roman Baths has two levels, lower and upper level. It’s beautiful to see once you go up the stairs to the Terrace and look down at the Great Bath, which is this huge pool of hot spring water. It’s surrounded by these beautiful pillars and statues above. The Georgian style architecture is absolutely incredible. It makes one feel like you were there during that timeframe and it takes you back to Romans time on how they lived. It is truly a remarkable experience.

You will also get a chance to see the hot spring waters flowing through the inside of the mechanisms/pipes and how it operates while in the temple courtyard and Minerva. You’ll see the steam rising on the warm bathwater.  It’s pretty cool to see. You’ll also get a chance to taste some natural spa water. It is an acquired P.S. Since COVID-19, the spa water isn’t available at the moment. I’m sure they will offer it again once things get better.

  • You need to have tickets to enter the Roman Baths. You should reserve your tickets early to ensure that you would have a time slot. 

Visit Bath Abbey

Romantic Weekend getaway Bath

Bath Abbey is a place of worship now and has been for over 1,200 years.  The gothic style architecture of the building is strikingly beautiful. It is so charming to stand back and admire the exterior of all the glass windows. The intricate details of the high towers at the top, angel statues around, and beautiful columns and arches are remarkable.

You do not have to pay to get to Bath Abbey and explore the church.  Bath Abbey is located next to the Roman Baths. 

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Thermae Bath Spa

Take a half-day to relax at the Thermae Bath Spa. Since you cannot partake in bathing at the Sacred Roman Baths (as they want to keep that historical site preserved). This is definitely a great alternative as you can enjoy Bath’s natural spa waters like the Romans did.  

Here at the spa, there is an indoor bath called Minerva and there is also a rooftop pool that you can experience that is out in the open-air.  The rooftop pool is heated if you want to experience it during the wintertime.  You will get to look over the beautiful city while relaxing in the pool. This atmosphere is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

While in the spa you can also partake in the sauna, steam room, and then cool off with an ice bath, or take a rinse off in the cold springs showers.

To enjoy the spa you should pre-book your session which will be in 2-hour blocks.  This will ensure that they will have room for you since they are only allowing a certain amount of people at one time.  

You can also book a massage session to work all those kinks out your back and shoulders. This will be an additional booking to the spa session.

Have Afternoon Tea at the Pump Room

After you’ve visited and relaxed at the spa, have afternoon tea at the Pump Room. This was one of my favorite things to do in Bath. It was so romantic part of our weekend getaway. Enjoy a traditional English afternoon tea. We chose to have afternoon tea at the Pump Room.  They offer several different packages. Which includes specialty teas, coffee, and champagne.  As well as yummy sandwiches, and scrumptious soft and velvety scones with jams and Britain’s famous clotted cream. They also have delicious selections of desserts and pastries.  It was plenty for my babe and me to eat and enjoy. OH, and did I say it was yummy?? It was so GOOD!

The Pump Room dining set-up was so pretty and very pristine. The decor reminded me of the old Roman times. It was lined with beautiful ceiling to floor drapery covering the huge windows. There was beautiful art hanging up on the walls too.

To top it off, they even had someone there playing beautiful classical tunes on the piano.  It was just a beautiful atmosphere all the way around.

  • If you want to go there, please book your table in advance or you might miss out. To book a reservation, click here.

Have a Romantic Dinner with live music

Have a romatic dinner in one of the most romantic cities. We had dinner at Green Park Brasserie. The food was delicious and they have live music featuring jazz/funk on Wednesdays-Saturdays. The vibes was awesome and the drinks were delicious. It’s a nice cozy restaurant, and the band was really good. We had a great dinner of local foods coming from the farms, etc. Have your choices from steak, ribs, etc.

You can choose to sit on the inside and enjoy the live band. Or you can sit out on the terrace and watch the cars pass by while enjoying the views of the city. Personally, I went for the good drinks and the vibes from the band. The delicious food was definitely a bonus. Oh and this restaurant is in the historic 1800’s Green Park Train station.  Please make a reservation ahead of time. And, go about 30 minutes prior to have a good cocktail while you wait. Cheers!!

Go to the Pulteney Bridge

Visit Pulteney Bridge and enjoy the amazing views. This bridge was built in 1774 and is gorgeous with beautiful waffle colored arches for boats and ferries to pass through.  The bridge covers the River Avon and is one of four bridges in the world that have shops stretching across the span of the bridge. It is one of the most beautiful bridges that is famous around the world, it’s even been featured in Movies!! 

The Pulteney Weir is a barrier that has been constructed to keep the river from flooding, and it makes a V shape in the water that is quite picturesque. This bridge is such a romantic place to walk down and admire. 

Stroll through Parade Gardens

After walking and admiring the Pulteney bridge continue your romantic weekend getaway and walk down to the Parade Gardens. Here you will be able to continue your views of the Pulteney bridge. Or you can enjoy the beautiful flowers that are situated on the 2 1/2 acres of greenery. Sit back and relax on one of the benches there. Or you could bring a blanket and some food to have a picnic. 

The Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is one of the most iconic buildings in the United Kingdom. It’ss architecture was constructed in the traditional Georgian style with a waffled-colored exterior made of stone.  The beautiful building consists of 30 rows of terrace houses that use to be homes to the prosperous locals.  It overlooks the beautifully manicured Victorian Park.  Now, it is an elegant 5-star hotel and spa with 45 rooms and suites to choose from. Once your done marveling at this building, walk on over to the Circus.   

The Circus

The Circus are townhomes on this circular 360-degree block that was inspired by the Stonehenge site and Roman architecture alike.  These homes as well as the Royal Crescent was designed by John Woods, the elder. He began constructing it in 1754 but it did not get finished until 1768 because John Woods had passed away. So, his son completed the construction for him.  These townhomes are made of stone and are divided into 3 segments. If you have an aerial view of this place, it’ll form into the shape of a key.  This is a landmark that you would want to see because of the beauty in the architecture. The historical stone, emblems, and details are just stunning.

Explore the city

Walk around and explore the city. Walk to the town center and go shopping for souvenirs in any of the cute boutiques. You can stop and have coffee or afternoon tea at any of the unique cafes. There are plenty of them to choose from and the coffee is amazing. Just explore and gaze up at the beautiful Georgian architecture. I mean the city is filled with these gorgeous honey-colored buildings.  The city is walkable and everything is fairly close to each other. 

Planning Ahead 

Everything I listed here I ensured I made reservations ahead of time. Once I made reservations for the weekend, I had to go to the Visitors Center of Bath and pick up my printed tickets there.

I planned this romantic weekend getaway for my babe’s birthday which was in the fall. We enjoyed that weekend to the fullest. It was just great to get away and be in a chill and romantic environment.

Anyway, if you prefer to take a guided tour, there are plenty of things to choose from.

Click any of the links below to find out more from Get Your Guide.

  • Walking Tours with Roman Baths Entry
  • Boat Tours on the Avon River to Pulteney Bridge 
  • Day Trip from London to tour Stonehenge & Bath (def makes sense b/c the two destinations are very close to each other)
  • Big Bus Tours are always helpful because you get to view the city and get a feel of where everything is

Where to Stay?

There are several options of hotels and resorts to stay the weekend:

  • Apex City of Bath
  • No 15. Great Pultney Hotel and Spa 
  • Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa
  • The Bath Priory – A Relais Chateaux Hotel

Other recommended hotels:

  • Click here to see more of a variety of spa hotels
  • To book at one of the more romantic hotels click here

How to Get There

By Train:

How to get there via train I think is the best option. Especially coming from London. The Bath train station is like a 10-minute walk to the town center. We took the train from Swindon which was only like a 25-minute ride and cost under $20 pounds.

From London, you can catch the train from London Paddington. It’ll take about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there. For a round trip it’ll cost about $60 pounds. That’s not bad at all.

By Car: 

The city of Bath is quaint and small enough to walk around everywhere. Plus parking is a bit of a pain. But if you do choose to drive like if you wanted to take a road trip, then click the link below for a good deal on rental cars.

That’s it. This is how to have a Romantic Weekend Getaway in Bath.

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