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Top 11 Small Business Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year.  I know it’s February now but we are still in the early months of the new year.  And with a new year means new goals and resolutions.  Have you set your New Year’s Resolutions or goals for your small business?  Better yet have you started implementing them.  Don’t worry if you have not set them yet, you still have some time as we are still in the first quarter.  Also, I am here to help you start and implement those goals.   

So if you want some inspiration for setting goals for your small business then look no further. 

In this article, I explain the top 11 resolutions or goals for your business for the new year. 

Do you want to grow your business?  There are a good amount of small businesses out there to compete with.  So, what can you do to make your business stand out and succeed?  

Below I have listed some tools and strategies that you can use to reach your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals.

Without further ado.

This post contains affiliate links to the products that I use and recommend. If you click on any of the links and make a purchase, then I may earn a small commission. For more info click my full disclosure.

Have you made your New Year’s Business resolutions or goals yet? Here I have listed the top 11 Small Business goals that you can achieve to grow your business.  Click through for some inspiration for setting your goals. Small Business Tips I Small Business Marketing. #smallbusiness #goals #growyourbusiness

1. Create A Website for Your Business

If you are just starting your business and do not have a professional website then you are missing out big time.  This should be your first goal of the new year to implement for your small business.  

New Year’s Business resolutions or goals

Having your own professional website means that you are serious about your small business.  It gives a place for your customers to search and get a feel for your company.  If you don’t know where to start, that’s ok. I’m here to help. I use Bluehost to house my website and their platform is amazing.  

I have a guide that will take you step by step on how to set-up your professional website.  

2. Track Your Website’s Performance

Tracking your website’s performance is critical.  You must know if you are gaining customers and if people are visiting your blog.  

The best tool to use to get this accomplished is google analytics.  Once you install google analytics, then you should also connect it with MonsterInsights.  MonsterInsights will help your business reach its goals for 2021 and beyond.  

This plug-in has easy-to-view pie charts and line graphs that will track your stats and pageviews of your website daily.

Monsterinsights is incredible because it’ll help you analyze what content is popular and received well with your viewers and what content needs to get better. That is particularly important because if no one stays on your page then you are not selling any products or getting enough views.  

MonsterInsights is the Best WordPress plug-in to use for Google Analytics.

It allows you to optimize your site to tailor to the needs of your viewers and take the guesswork out of what they like and read.

So if your goal is to grow your business and website traffic, then Monsterinsights is the way to go.  

3. Start A Blog

If you start a blog on your website it could help explode your business.  A blogger could become creative and write articles about the products or services that you are offering.  Having a blog on your website would allow you to keep content out there.  It’ll allow you to showcase your product or services more in detail through writing articles regularly.  

New Year’s Business resolutions or goals yet

It’ll also help tremendously to get your website ranked higher on Google.  This will be done by SEO (search engine optimization) because you will start to have more page views.  You must ensure that you work on writing about what people are looking for and by doing keyword searching and plugging them into your articles. 

To learn more check out this easy step-by-step guide on How to Start A Blog.   

4. Get Your Business on Pinterest 

Once you have your blog up and running you should make a Pinterest business account.  This will allow you to advertise your business for free. 

Digital marketing New Year’s Business resolutions or goals yet

Pinterest is one of the BEST social media marketing tools to use as a small business owner.  

As you start writing blog posts on your website, you can then create epic graphics and connect them to your website.  This is what they call a Pin. There are thousands of people out there on Pinterest every day and if your Pin gains popularity then it could go viral and bring more people to your site. 

Next, you can also join Pinterest group boards within your niche to start promoting your business with like-minded people.  It’s great to get out there and network with other people.  You can usually Pin about 2-3 pins in these groups daily.  Some of these groups could have upwards of 500K Followers! Just imagine your Pin with your website link coming across that many followers? Well, it’s possible with Pinterest

5. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook is another excellent social media platform to use for your small business.  

There are a great number of Facebook groups to join out there for small businesses in every niche.  Start researching and join those FB groups to get your business more traction.  

Social Media- New Year’s Business resolutions or goals yet

For instance, as a blogger or freelancer, the groups I’ve joined helps bloggers with any questions we may have.  Like, how does affiliate marketing work, and who’s the best Webhosting platform?  It’s great for networking and even having threads to support and visit each other’s sites so you can rank higher in google.  There are hundreds of groups to select from like: 

  • Small Business
  • Black Business
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Finance Business
  • Realtors Business
  • Fashion Business
  • Travel Bloggers

So, make this your goal to create a business account and join groups on Facebook this year. 

6. Grow Your Email List

Do you have an email list?  If not then your business must have one and this is another business goal you should set.  So having users sign up to your email list should be your next goal. It is a must to get new subscribers.  It’s the meat and potatoes of having a successful business.  You can push more content, offers, and info out to your audience through your email subscribers.  And you can get more personal with your followers. 

Growth - New Year’s Business resolutions or goals

So, how to grow your email list?  Well, first you would need to create a sign-up form on your website.  With the OptinMonster tool, you could create a sidebar signup form that will attract a viewer’s attention.  Putting the sign-up form in your sidebar has a higher conversion rate of someone signing up.  But don’t just stop there, you can also have a pop-up sign-up form upon someone exiting the website, just in case they forgot to sign-up while strolling. 

Next, another strategy you can use is to offer a freebie.  You could offer something that people will want.  For instance, I’ve offered a free travel checklist to my audience.  So the incentive of someone signing up for your newsletter is to get that free checklist, planner, eBook, etc.  But they have to give their email address to get the freebie.  So make sure what you are offering is in line with your niche or business.

Another way to attract more subscribers is to host a giveaway.  Give away one of your products or something else that may be popular that the consumer would want. 

Don’t have an email service provider yet? Well, it should be a top goal as well to create one. My recommended email service providers are Mailerlite or Mailchimp.  Both of these providers offer a free service up to your first 1,000 subscribers.  Don’t hesitate to create one, it’s quick and easy to get started.

To learn more, check out our Resources Guide on setting up your email service. 

7. Optimize Your Website for Speed

Ensure that your site is performing at peak level.  If you have a website that loads too slow, then a customer will not wait around.  They will ditch your website and move on to the next. 

Speed on laptop- New Year’s Business resolutions or goals

With Monsterinsights, you can see how fast or slow your website is loading through its Site Speed Report.  Then you can figure out what you need to do to get your site to run faster.  Here are some tools that’ll assist in making your website load up rapidly. 

8. Build Your Brand 

Do you have a logo and a brand for your business?  If not then you should work on this as a business goal for this year.  Building a brand will help people know who you are and what your business is about.  

canva - New Year’s Business resolutions or goals

For instance, when you see the Nike Swoosh, you automatically know who made that sneaker.  The same goes for Target’s red-colored font and bullseye target logo.  And yet again the Big yellow glowing M sign for McDonald’s that stands high in the sky.  All of these businesses have trademark logos, colors, and brands that everyone recognizes.  It doesn’t have to be anything exquisite.  It can be an easy symbol and color that you use for your website and to stamp on everything to stand out.  

To help build your brand, you can use a tool called Canva.  With Canva, you can make your website logo, save brand colors and fonts, create graphics to use on social media, and send in your newsletters.  On Canva some templates are created that you could mimic and change the colors, names, symbols, etc.  Or you can start with a blank template and plug and play different fonts, graphics, symbols, that they have available.  Make your website more appealing by creating colorful popular eye-catching graphics to keep the audience engaged. 

For more info about this amazing tool and how you can start using Canva for free, click here

9. Get Help by Outsourcing 

Having a small business can be stressful and very taxing, especially if you are doing it by yourself.   To grow your business and make it better, hire someone to help you.  Outsourcing should be your next goal for the new year as it will free up so much time.  Freeing up some of your time will allow you to concentrate on something else.  

Colleagues working in the office - New Year’s Business resolutions or goals

For instance, instead of you posting on social media daily, you could get someone else to do that for you.  Or you could get a Virtual Assistant to handle your newsletters and respond to your audience.  Another option could be to hire a freelancer to write your blog.  

Also, you could get an assistant to answer your phone calls and to help market your business.  Hiring someone on your team will skyrocket your business and accomplish the growth you want for your new year’s business goals. A great place to start looking for digital services is with Fiverr. Fiverr is a digital service company that has some of the best freelancers and digital services, etc. Choosing to hire some help from Fiverr will help you tremendously to boost your business.

10. Never Stop Learning

Of course, when starting a business you will not know the ends and outs of how to run it.  Even if you are feeling like you know a pretty big deal and are driving your business on autopilot, it never hurts to keep learning. 

Stack of Books - New Year’s Business resolutions or goals

Regardless of how little or how big of experience you have you will never know EVERYTHING.  Things are always changing.  Technology is always getting better and better.  Google and high-powered businesses are always changing their algorithms.  So you have to stay on top of these things and change your tactics with the times. 

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to continue learning something new.  There is a plethora of information out there in the world.  

You could start by reading some business and finance books.  A few of my favorites are Atomic Habits, Total Money Makeover, 4 Hour Workweek, and Rich Dad Poor Dad.   

Also, you could read blogs related to your niche and listen to business podcasts.  As well as signing up for Webinars, which some companies offer them for free.  

Finally, you could take a college Business or Finance course to learn more.  

So, continue to seek out how to learn to grow your business and become an expert in your field.  Don’t ever stop feeding your brain with information.  As they say, “knowledge is power”.  

11. Plan for the Next Year Business Goals

You don’t have to wait until the end of the year to plan for your next one.  So another great resource for using MonsterInsights is that it comes with a Year-In-Review.  This report is put out in January of every year for your review.  This means you get to see how your website performance was for that entire year. 

Business Analysis - New Year’s Business resolutions or goals

So when you are setting your goals for the next year you have stats and facts of what you need to improve and what could stay the same. 

Use this Year In Review report as a baseline to use to further reach your small business goals. 

The report will assist with setting your goals on what you want your business to look like for the next year and beyond. 

Sign up for MonsterInsights to use this amazing Year In Review resource.

That’s all I have for setting Goals for the New Year for your small business.

I’d love to hear from you.  Comment below to let me know what business goals you are pursuing for the new year.  Don’t forget to Pin this post for later. 

Tips on how to grow your business in the new year. Make New Year’s Resolutions for your small business. 11 Tips on how to grow your business on-line. How to market your small business. Click the link to learn how. #smallbusiness #businessgoals #businessgrowth


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