Hey y’all my name is Roshunda…

Welcome to my travel and lifestyle blog!  I’m a new blogger but I’m very seasoned in Life.  I will focus on my travel adventures as well as my lifestyle. I’m on a journey of finding my place in the civilian world as I am getting ready to retire from the U.S. Air Force after serving 20 years. It has been an adventure being in the military and serving my country.

Europe travel is where it’s at

I’ve traveled all over the world, one of the perks of being in the military. I’m currently serving overseas in the United Kingdom.  While living across the pond, I have definitely taken full advantage of TRAVELING.  

I’m glad I got the opportunity to experience England. I will be talking about my journey of discovering the beautiful countries throughout Europe. As well as sharing my tips on what I’ve learned of where to stay and what to do.  I’m excited about sharing my experiences with you.

A little more backstory…

I’m a southern girl from the Mississippi Gulf Coast…
Spirit of Norkfolk

I know a lot of you may think, “Mississippi”?…What’s in Mississippi?!

Trust me, I’ve heard it all…LOL. I’m from the Biloxi-Gulfport area and my hometown has a lot to offer, including beaches, the best southern soul food & seafood, and a ton of Casinos! It’s a great place to visit if you love good food, laying out in the sun, and playing slots.

I’m in the Air Force!!

Military Life

I joined the military about 6 months after graduating from high school. My first duty station was in Incirlik, Turkey. I was there for 15 months. This was my first time living on my own, and in an entirely different country. To say I was a little scared is an understatement. I do not regret it at all. I’ve had one of the best times in my life, meeting new people, and learning new cultures.

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Where the MAMAS at? This blog will be for the working women, in and outside of the home.  I will be talking about my life as being a single parent in the military, the ups, and the downs. I have a teenager in the house yall! Raising my daughter has been fun and the most rewarding job I will ever have. It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows.

With that being said, the military does come with its own set of challenges. The challenges, like deployments, working 12-hour shifts, weekend duty, and being on call 24/7. With all of that being said, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve learned many many things over the years.

The military has opened this small town girl’s eyes up to the world. Being in the military is awesome and I have become a better person for it.

Anyhow, I love doing things around the house. I’ll be talking about planting and growing flowers, cooking, organizing the home, and many more topics.

Becoming a (house)wife…

I’m engaged! I will soon become an “official” housewife.   I am getting ready to marry my love, my fiancé Al.  We met while working overseas in Turkey (the second time around), in 2017. Can you imagine? Going all the way on the other side of the world and meeting your spouse?! Guess that’s the military life for ya.

However, I’m becoming a housewife because once I retire from the military, I do not plan on going back to corporate America. I plan on working from home from different side hustles. After working 20 years in the military, I need a BREAK..and time to be at home and enjoy my family and things that I like to do.

Lastly, my education background…

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, which I have been utilizing in my military career as being an effective leader and coming up with new innovative solutions to make our job easier and more efficient.  This degree will help me build a brand and enable me to help others build theirs.  

Thank yall for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy Ms. Southernverse travel and lifestyle blog.