Life in England: Top 13 Reasons Why You Will Love Living Here
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Life in England: Top 13 Reasons Why You Will Love Living Here

Fairytale castles, the Royal family, charming villages, and breathtaking countryside are just some of the ways you’ll experience life in England. 

I was elated and nervous when I found out I was moving to England from the US.  However, once I started living here, I’ve realized how beautiful life in England can be, and I started falling in love with the culture, the rolling hills, and the calmness of living in England. 

What is it like living in England?

It’s been a whirlwind since living in England for the past three years. There are so many things that I like about living here. Yes, there are pros and cons to living in England (like any other country around the globe). It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but there are many great things about living in England.

So if you are thinking about moving to England, continue reading this list of 13 reasons why you will love to live in England. 

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Life in England – History

I love learning about English history and traditions.  Although I love watching The Crown and Bridgerton, being able to go to these sites in person is beyond amazing. 

It is dreamy seeing the historic castles and palaces that held some of the greatest leaders.   Even exploring the stunning ancient cathedrals and abbey ruins is awe-inspiring.  

My teenage daughter and I have learned so much about the UK while living here.  

There are many museums and landmarks to visit to learn more about England and its rich history. 

I think it’s much better learning through experience and site seeing than just being home buried in a book.  

Seeing buildings that are hundreds of years old is the norm here. Crazy, right?  I love how England prides itself on preserving as many historic buildings and landscapes as it can. 

Many of these landmarks in England are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, protecting these buildings, parks, and landscapes from getting destroyed. 

That’s what makes the UK and its legacy so astonishing. 

Charming cottages & villages

Life in England is dreamy when visiting the charming villages.  All you have to do is take a drive around England to see the thatched roofs and cottages made of stone. 

The cities within the Cotswolds are highly known for their picturesque, quaint British Cottages.  The most famous village is the historic Arlington Row cottages of Bibury, Gloucestershire, originally built in the 14th century. 

Also, you’ll find yourself marveling at the Victorian style-homes and cobblestone villages. One of my favorite cities to see charming homes in the city of Bath.

Additionally, I love to see the wisteria, ivy, and many other gorgeous plants crawling up the stone houses, blooming in an array of colors. These cottages look like a scene out of a movie, it’s that breathtaking.

Life in England

Travel to Europe is very accessible

I love how accessible traveling to Europe is from England.  Flying to a different country is relatively easy from any of the six major international airports in London, where you can travel to European countries.  

Since we live in Mildenhall, we usually fly out of London Heathrow, Gatwick, or Stansted. It’s nice to hop on a plane to the Canary Islands in Spain to drive dune buggies in the mountains or take a trip of a lifetime to Egypt, Africa and see the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Plus, buying plane tickets can be pretty cheap too, say (£20-30 specials) to fly to another country compared to flying domestically stateside. Even without the special ticket prices, flying for £100 to a different country is worth it.

Furthermore, if you would prefer a different traveling method, you can jump on the Eurostar train.  You can take a weekend getaway to Paris, Amsterdam, or Brussels for a 2 to 3-hour journey.  If you’d rather drive, just go to the port and drive your car on the ferry to cross the English Channel. 

See Europe and Africa Bucketlist for more ideas of where to travel while living in England.


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Day trips and weekend getaways 

Whether you are a nature lover, city lover, or history buff, there is always something to see and do in England.

It’s easy to drive or take a train ride for a day trip in England.  There is no need to catch a flight to travel around England; it’s simple to jump in the car and take a road trip.

Take a day trip to the City of Bath and see the iconic Stonehenge along the way.  Go punting or shopping in Cambridge.  See the marching of the guards at Buckingham palace in London.  Or visiting quaint beachside towns like Brighton, which is the sunnier side of England, is the perfect day trip.  

Don’t feel like driving? No problem because the National Rail service from London will take you practically anywhere in England.  It’ll also take you farther throughout the UK.  You can go to Edinburgh, Scotland, just 4 1/2 hours from London.   

Take a quick UK city break over the weekend and be back home in time for work the following day.  

For more getaway ideas, check out the 12 best UK City Breaks 

Life in England

Life in England – Supermarkets

I love shopping in the supermarkets in England.  You’ll find fresher produce and many selections of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats.  I like that some of the food and other items on the shelves are imported from other countries too.  Even if you have not been to Spain you can try some of their goodies.  

Not to mention, the fresh-baked bread, pastries, and cookies are just as delicious as some of the local bakeries. 

Local markets

Then there are the farmer’s markets.  The number of markets in England is remarkable.  While we live more in the countryside of England (Mildenhall), there are tons of farms here.  And on certain days (usually Fridays/Saturdays) the markets are open with vendors selling fresh food from their gardens and fresh seafood, poultry, sausage, etc.  

There are markets available all around England as well.  The most notable markets are in London, like Borough and Camden Market.  

Not only do the markets sell fresh food, but vendors also sell other products like handmade items, paintings, outerwear such as gloves and knitted hats.  You can find plenty of unique items at the farmer’s markets around England.  I like supporting small local businesses versus big chains whenever I can. Life in England is all about small and local businesses. It’s awesome.

Fresh flowers

Organic food isn’t the only thing you can get fresh at the markets in England. 

Along with having fresh, organic foods, there’s also the selling of fresh flowers for cheap.  Usually, you don’t have to go too far to find beautiful cut flowers.   

This is one of the best parts of life in England, having an unlimited supply of gorgeous flowers. 

They have fresh flowers in supermarkets, convenience stores, and local farms here.  You can buy a bushel of beautiful flowers for just a few pounds.  They smell so good and can last for weeks in your home.  

If you love plants and flowers, you’ll be in heaven.  Trust me, buying flowers is a thing here, and seeing the fresh blooms in your home will put a smile on your face.  Don’t be surprised at the number of fresh flowers you’ll see displayed in restaurants, cafes, and stores.  

Stunning landscapes & countryside

One thing about life in England is that you will see stunning landscapes and the countryside.  

Even if you live in a big city like London or Manchester, going outside of the city and visiting the countryside is worth the trip. 

I love seeing the open green spaces, acres of rolling hills, and the animals of England.  Being surrounded by nature versus buildings is so calming and peaceful. 

I’d never hiked so much in my life until I moved to England. Going on a hike to UNESCO sites like Durdle Door is such an amazing feeling. 

When I lived in Fairford, England, there were the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen.  Seeing the countryside and the villages in the Cotwolds is a dream.  It’s easy to get to see the picturesque landscapes by taking a road trip.  

Check out this 3 Day Road Trip to Cornwall and see more of the impressive landscapes.

Durdle Door

Life in England – Safety

Life in England will have you wondering about where the police are?  I mean, I’m not dissing the policeman; I rather like it.  This I believe is somewhat due to the CCTV.   CCTV is a video surveillance monitoring system that uses cameras heavily throughout the UK. 

The UK has an estimated 4.5 million cameras and is the largest user of CCTV within Europe.  CCTV surveillance is primarily used to monitor criminal activities, terrorism, and speeding.  

There are speed cameras everywhere in the neighborhoods, motorways, public parking lots, and street corners.  When I first arrived, I didn’t know much about CCTV until I received a speeding ticket in my mailbox.  Yes, if you are speeding, you will get caught on camera and fined. 

How is that a good thing you say?  Getting caught on camera is better than seeing cops up and down the highway pulling people over. 

Another reason why I think life in England is safer is that you are not getting pulled over as much or harassed by the cops as much.  If you get pulled over, you may start feeling anxious or stressed, but you will not encounter that as much in the UK vs. the US.  

Plus, most police officers in England don’t carry guns (except for some trained officers); instead, they carry tasers and other devices for defense.    

Furthermore, as a black woman living in England, I do not see as much police brutality as in America, nor do I see as much discrimination against black people.  

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Pub culture – Life in England

Pubs are popular in British culture.  While in England you’ll see people coming in and out of pubs and how much they love them.  Going to the pub is so different from a typical restaurant or bar.  The atmosphere in a pub is friendlier and cozier. 

Fully embrace the English culture and enjoy a pint of ice-cold beer on tap.  Depending on where and what pub you go to, they will have local specialty drinks.  I particularly love trying the varieties of Cider. 

The pubs aren’t just bars for beer, they serve food, and it can be good.  Some pubs have typical bar foods like pizza, chips (fries), and burgers.  Other pubs will serve traditional British cuisines such as a Sunday Roast and Shepherd’s Pie.  

You can find pubs throughout the UK.  I especially liked the old English pubs in Edinburgh, ScotlandThere is a pub dating all the way back to 1360! Wow!!  These pubs are unique, full of history, and designed with beautiful English-style interiors inside. 

Stay inside the pub to feel the coziness and talk amongst the locals or go to the beer garden to get some fresh air and watch people pass by.  Either way, you’ll enjoy embracing British culture by frequenting a pub. 

3-Day Itinerary Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland

Fashion – Life in England

There is nothing like European fashion coupled with the English culture.  In the US you may…NO…you will see people wearing pajamas to the grocery store.  Well, not in England.  People in Britain like to dress to impress.  

From young to senior citizens, most Brits dress from casual to the 9’s.  They will be dressed to go to the malls and supermarkets and ride on the train.  I haven’t seen too many people (besides Americans) wearing sweatpants to dinner.  

So life in England means actually putting on your “good clothes” when going out.  But I like it though because you get a chance to mix and match your outfits.  You won’t feel out of place if you really like to dress up.  

Layering up is popular and much needed too.  Having trendy hats and gloves will help you fit in and defend you from the cold.  Plus having at least one peacoat is a must.  Besides, it’s very stylish.  

World-Class theatre – Life in England

Do you want to get cultured?  

Did you know that England has some of the best theatres in the world?  Particularly the West End in London has the best shows going on throughout the year.  Also, Shakespeare’s Globe in London is a gem playing all of Shakespeares’ plays and then some.  

London is not the only place to watch an incredible show; there are tons of other theatres throughout the country.  Other areas such as Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bath, and many more.

Seeing a live performance of singers and dancers is exceptional.  It’s better than sitting in front of a TV.  You’ll get all the feels seeing someone sing their heart out on stage

Are you a fan of the Lion King?  Their musical is phenomenal.  How about Les Miserables, Mama Mia or Grease?  There are many choices of plays to see in the theatre. 

There are 194 shows playing in the West End alone.  You’ll indeed find something of interest to see and enjoy. 

Afternoon Tea

I love…love…love the culture in England of having afternoon tea.  Want to feel fancy? Then England is the perfect place for you.

Afternoon tea is a huge part of the culture in England.  When in England you must participate in afternoon tea.  You will feel so fancy and regal when you indulge]ing in afternoon tea.  

So what is afternoon tea exactly?  Most cafes or restaurants will serve afternoon tea in between lunch and dinner.   Some start at 11; other places don’t start until 2.   

Anywho, you get to have high tea of any of their specialty blends.  If you really want to do it big, then have the champagne tea time.  Next, you’ll get a tiered tray of goodies consisting of cute little finger sandwiches with different variations inside and the most delicious scones, jam, and clotted cream.  

I love the scones served during afternoon tea.  So good!!

Also, you’ll get a selection of cakes.  It’s fun to have afternoon tea with friends or your partner to socialize and catch up.  

The best Afternoon Tea I’ve had so far has been in Bath.  The royal ambiance was incredible with gorgeous drapes, a beautiful setting, and a piano player!  What?!  Yes.  So romantic. 

For more about the best afternoon tea experience, check out How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in Bath.

My final thoughts on Life in England 

How is Life in England?

As I’ve said before, life in the UK isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.  However, being able to live in another country, learn the culture, and see the country has been life-changing for me.  If you are thinking of moving to England, I say go for it.  Of course, you need to have a plan when moving abroad but it is possible. Start with a visit to England, then weigh your options to see if you can adapt to the area. 

Is England a good place to live? What is it like living in England? 

I say it’s what you make it. Once you move away from home, you will be grateful for the experience and things you’ve learned along the way as I have.  It will make you appreciate everything you do have in your life.

Let me know what you think in the comments. 

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Life in England
Life in England

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