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2 Days in London: The Ultimate London Itinerary

Thinking of taking a trip to spend 2 days in London? Well, you’ve come to the right place. After living in England for 3 years now, I’ve been to London countless times.  London is a big, diverse city full of culture, amazing food, and entertainment galore. Spending 2 days in London is a great way to get introduced to the city, especially if you’re visiting for the first time.  

You may be wondering if 2 days is enough to visit London? I would say yes, you can see a lot of the city of London in 2 days. Although 3-5 days may be the ideal timeframe to visit London. So, here’s the deal. I live in England, about 1 1/2 hours south of London. And I’ve been to London a lot. When I go to London, I still see something new every single time I go. So while you may only have 2 days in London, I’m sure once you visit, you will be coming back for more visits in the future.

2 Days in London Itinerary

In this post, I will cover how to spend 2 days in London.   Yes, London is big and there are so many things to see and do here.  However, if you are short on time and only have 2 days, then I can show you some of the best attractions to see.  So, I have prepared 2 days in London itinerary, packed full of great things from seeing the most visited sites to walking through gorgeous neighborhoods.  This itinerary calls for a lot of walking. That is okay because this is the perfect way to see London in 2 days.  I wanted to make this itinerary as easy as possible for you to follow.  I don’t want you to have to jump around the city too much. 

This 2 days in London itinerary is excellent for those of you that are visiting London for the first time.  It accommodates if you are traveling with your friends, or even if you live in England and looking for a UK city break.  Spending a weekend in London with this itinerary is a perfect alternative to staying at home watching TV.  

So without further ado, let’s go have a good time spending 2 days in London.

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2 Days in London Itinerary – Day 1

Hyde Park – 10:00 AM

Our first stop on this 2 days in London itinerary is Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is a beautiful Royal Park in London that’s a Must see.  It is home to several events throughout the year including the Christmas event (Winter Wonderland).  Visiting Hyde Park in the morning will be a nice peaceful way to start the day.  Now I have to tell you that Hyde Park is a massive green square and it is beautiful any time of the year, especially in the fall.  London in the fall is beautiful with all the big gorgeous trees that turn into pretty fall colors.  On this walk, you’ll see the Serpentine, which is a dazzling lake that you can feast your eyes upon.  You may see a swan or two swimming around. 

Kensington Gardens

Hyde Park makes up half of Kensington Palace grounds.  I mean, when a royal wants to move to a park and stake their claim on a house, then that’s what they will do. LOL. 

Anywho, as with any park you’ll see around London, this one is great for sitting out on the lawn and having a picnic while enjoying the scenery.  We once brought some pastries from a popular dessert shop to enjoy while at the park.  However, unless you prepared and brought a coffee and pastry with you, then you need to hurry on to the next stop to see the changing of the guards. 

Buckingham Palace – 11:00 AM

We are on a schedule, so make sure you give yourself enough time to walk to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards.  When in London you must see and take pictures of Buckingham Palace.  Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official residence.  


However, we aren’t here to see the Queen today, we are at the Palace today to see the Changing of the Guards.  This is one of the top things to see in London.  In this ceremony, you will see the guards switching out their duty with one another to become the Queen’s Guard.  The guards are part of the British Army, and one of the duties is to protect the Queen.  You’ll see the troops marching along to exchange duties in their infamous red and black uniforms. 

The changing of the guards occurs daily during the summer.  But on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday during the winter at 1100 AM. So depending on what time of the year you visit London, make sure it’s on a day they are performing.  There is much more to see at the Palace, particularly during the summer, however for these 2 days in London itinerary; you will have to stick to watching the guards admiring the palace from the outside of the golden gates.

Palace of Westminster – 12 PM

Next up on the 2 days in London itinerary is to the Palace of Westminster AKA the House of Parliament.  This Palace is the British Government’s home where they take care of business.  Inside the Palace of Westminster is the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and the Monarchy.  If you are interested in learning more about the Parliament, then you can take a self-guided tour.  However, I would advise that this time in London, you only take a virtual tour online of the Palace because this 2 day London itinerary doesn’t have enough time to tour the inside.  So mark this as a to-do for the next time you come to London.  

London Itinerary

Anyhow, the Palace is still a wonderful building to marvel at from the outside.  Its historic gothic structure has impressive details.  However, one of the main attractions of the Palace of Westminster is Big Ben on the far end.   Big Ben is one of the most iconic sites known from around the world.  So you must gawk in awe at the astounding Clock Tower.  

Westminster Abbey – 12:30 PM

Next up on our 2 days in London itinerary is Westminster Abbey.  Westminster Abbey is a gorgeous Gothic church that was built in 1245 by King Henry III.  It’s so wonderful that it is a UNESCO World Heritage site!  This Royal masterpiece is most notable for hosting coronations and Royal weddings such as Prince William and his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.  Additionally, burials & memorials of Kings, Queens, other royals, and other significant people that are a part of  British history are here. 

There are many things to see inside the Abbey, like the coronation chair, the Lady Chapel, and over 600 monuments that could keep you busy for hours. However, on this trip, you will have to limit your visit to under an hour.  


So before you visit London, I would say go to their website to choose the best of what you would like to see inside Westminster Abbey.  If you are not interested in seeing the inside, you could just admire this stunning structure from the outside and get some awesome photos.  

Westminster Bridge

Walk along the Westminster Bridge over the River Thames.  You can get incredible views of the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, and the London Eye. 


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London Eye – 1:00 PM

After crossing Westminster bridge, keep walking towards the London Eye. The London Eye is another iconic site that you must see.  The London Eye is similar to a Ferris Wheel.  You can ride on the London Eye to get spectacular views of the South Bank of London.  It’s an enclosed observation wheel that can fit up to 25 people inside the capsule, and it’ll go around slowly for approximately 30 minutes. 

London Eye

While on the London Eye you’ll see the city over the River Thames and more popular places such as The Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge, and much more.  I’ve ridden the London Eye three times since I’ve been living in England as an expat and I think it’s an exciting way to see London from up top.  It’s also a nice way to have a little relaxing break from walking too.  So that makes this a Win-Win.  

I’ll advise you to purchase your tickets in advance.  And trust me when I say you will want to pay the extra few dollars to do the fast track.  That’s because this is a captivating attraction, and you could be standing in line for hours (ain’t nobody got time for that). But with the fast-track ticket, you will cut your wait time tremendously.  You will practically walk up to the front of the line!

Lunch – 2:00 PM (2 Days in London)

I’m sure those tummies are growling by now.  So now you can eat some lunch after riding the London Eye.  There are a plethora of restaurants to choose from in this area. You’ll have your choice of Japanese, American, Cuban, Mexican, Thai, or British food. 

Here are a few restaurants in the area:

  • Japanese – Aji or Hannah Japanese
  • Westminster Kitchen Grill House
  • Locale Southbank Italian restaurant
  •  Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar
  • Slug & Lettuce (chain restaurant)
  • The Black Penny 
  • Starbucks (I mean coffee break)

You’ll have a slew of choices; just pick one.

Shakespeare’s Globe – 3:00 PM

Walk to Shakespeare’s Globe and get a glimpse of the most unique circular theatres in the world.  It’s a 360-degree open-air theatre that truly makes this building distinctive.  Did you know that this world-renowned theatre was founded by an American, Sam Wanamaker, in 1970?  It was his mission to build this replica of the original Elizabeth Globe theatre of 1599.  That’s quite remarkable, isn’t it? 


Furthermore, at this theatre, all of Shakespeare’s plays have been performed, other notable plays, and hosting events and concerts.  So while you are in London for 2 days, it’s worth a look at this iconic Shakespearean globe.  

Millennium Bridge – 3:30 PM

After fanning out over the globe, walk down the pedestrianized Millennium Bridge. This bridge is gorgeous and is said to have been a part of a Harry Potter film.  This bridge was built to be a path crossing the Thames river, connecting to both sides of Southwark and the North Bank. 

It will only take about 5 minutes to cross if you are rushing but take your time.  Take in all of the London landmarks from the bridge like the Tate Modern Museum and the View from the Shard.  Then get incredible views while heading towards St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is our next stop. 

Bridge over River Thames London

St. Paul’s Cathedral – 4:00 PM

St. Paul’s is another must-see for your 2 days in London itinerary. This cathedral sticks out like a sore thumb, that’s because it is the second-largest dome in the world, standing at 111 meters high. The dome kind of reminds me of Sacre de Coeur in Paris, which is another stunning cathedral. I love seeing the differences in Cathedrals and churches while exploring Europe. It gives you an insight and blows your mind at how talented the artist came up with these concepts of these stunning buildings, especially so long ago.

I’ve been to St. Paul’s Cathedral a few times, and I still don’t think I’ve seen it all.  England is so full of beautiful historic buildings, which makes St. Paul’s Cathedral so impressive.  Being in such a church that is full of history is awe-inspiring. There is plenty to see in the cathedral, so choose wisely. LOL. 

 2 Days in London

The intricate work and details of the cathedral are breathtaking.  It has a total of five floors to visit.  The further up you go, the more floors to experience and tour, also enabling you to get views of London at the top as well.  

Go up the Dome Gallery, which is 85 meters high.  In the dome will allow you to get even more incredible views of London and the skyline. 

Tales from the Crypt

Don’t forget to enter the crypts and visit the tombs.  Additionally, take a walk through the many chapels, including All Soul’s Chapel and the American Memorial Chapel. 

After exploring the inside, marvel at the outside of the Cathedral and get views from all sides.  That’s only if you didn’t have enough of admiring the cathedral already. But who doesn’t love a beautiful building?

 Click here to book tickets.  Or if you book the London Pass to enter, it will be free. 

Dinner & Drinks – 5:30 PM

I’m sure by this time you’ll want some dinner.  The Sky Garden is a trendy place that offers spectacular views of London.  But a bonus is that you can eat dinner and have drinks too while gazing upon London’s skyline.  It is free to enter just to look around, but you have to make a reservation.  If you want to eat here, you need to make a reservation at the restaurant as well.

Additionally, there are other places near St. Paul’s to eat at, including the Ivy Asia St. Pauls, Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza, Duck & Waffle, and plenty other restaurants.

However, if you are still up to it and want to see a different part of London today, then I’ll say head on over to Shoreditch for dinner and drinks.  You could take the 30-minute walk to get there if you want or you can catch the train from Bank station.  Shoreditch is a quirky, eccentric, and vibrant area of London.  It’s a whole different VIBE here, and you will see tons of street art and murals. In Shoreditch, there are a few choices to eat food.  

Street Art in Shoreditch

So first, you will have a choice to eat at BoxPark.  At Boxpark, it’s not just one restaurant, there are 24 places to be exact for food and drinks.  It’s pretty much a hub that offers several selections of authentic street food from around the world.  You can choose to order at one of the many places to eat fromLIKE Spanish food, Argentinian, Jamaican and many more.  And in the evenings, it gets pretty lively too.  While eating, you can catch all the vibes and listen to the live music that’s playing.  Then have some cocktails, socialize and just enjoy the atmosphere.  Boxpark is a lively place to be.  

Carribean Vibes at Rum Kitchen

If you want a smaller atmosphere but still want to catch some vibes, go to Rum Kitchen.  Rum kitchen’s food and drinks are da BOMB.  It’s a Caribbean-style restaurant that serves Scrumptious Jerk Chicken Wings, Curry Goat, and the most incredible Rum cocktails.  If you decide you want to eat dinner at the Rum Kitchen, make a reservation online first. 

2 Days in London Itinerary – Day 2

Tower of London – 9:00 AM

Good morning sunshine! Now it’s time to visit the Tower of London. You should go early to avoid the crowds and see the Crown Jewels of Elizebeth II first thing.  We went to the Tower of London in the afternoon and the queues to see the crown jewels were ridiculous plus it was raining. It was a bummer.  So getting there early is imperative.  Arriving as soon as they open, allows you to enjoy the grounds and exhibitions without the crowds. 


So the Tower of London is a Royal Palace and a fortress.  This 1,000-year-old fortress is not all glamorous like the gates of gold at Buckingham (IMO).  However, the Tower is worth visiting.  You’ll get to step inside some parts of the fortress and up narrow stairs, paths to see the architecture, and learn some history from the Yeoman Warders, aka Beefeaters (the workers) that’s on site.  They used to be the guardians of the fortress and the Crown Jewels, but now they are more like tour guides on the premises to tell the history of the Tower and give eye-opening insight to visitors.  You’ll notice them by their beautifully dressed uniforms. 

Tower Bridge – 11:00 AM

So I’m sure you’ve seen that gorgeous Tower Bridge while walking up and down the Tower of London’s palace.  But now it is time to get an even closer look, so let’s walk on to the London Tower Bridge.  Since you are only spending 2 days in London, a stop at this bridge is a must-see.  The Tower Bridge is an alluring landmark that is known from around the world.  You should try to get some cool shots with the Tower Bridge.  So everyone can be envious of you when posting on the gram.  


After taking all those gorgeous photos, now’s your chance to walk along the Tower Bridge as there’s a path for pedestrians, so you see those 2 massive towers that are a part of the bridge?  Well, you can walk up the towers, where you will get spectacular panoramic views of London and the River Thames.  You’ll also walk along a glass floor that’s 42 meters up from the River Thames.  This will be an excellent time to watch the city pass and the ships, black cabs, and big red buses passing by below.  This activity is great for kids and the entire family. 

To tour the towers, you have to purchase a ticket.  There’s an option to buy the tickets at the box office as well.  It’ll only cost you £10.60 for adults.  For more info click here.

This itinerary will walk you through how to spend 2 days in London. This London 2 day itinerary is full of the best & most popular sites to see, places to eat and shop. Great for first time visitors. Weekend city break, traveling with kids, traveling with friends, or solo travel. #Londonsites #weekendinlondon #visitlondon

Borough Market – 12:00 PM 2 Days in London

Now that you’ve had all the thrills of walking across the glass floor, it’s time to eat lunch.  And what better way to get your grub on than at the Borough Market.  So London is all about its incredible markets, and Borough Market is one of the biggest and the oldest.  This market has over 100 local food and drink stalls featuring goods from all over the world.  You can get your lunch and have several different places to choose from.  The market is a great opportunity to have a few other dishes to try to get a taste of England and other dishes from around the world. 

You don’t have to worry about making any reservations at the market either (for the most part).  You can just walk up to any of the “traders” and have a quick meal.  There will be something to eat here for everyone from Taiwanese Street food and its incredible Bao Buns to Middle Eastern eats, fresh fish, cheeses galore, bread, desserts (doughnuts), etc.  This area is a food haven’s paradise. Not only are there plenty of food stalls, but there are restaurants and pubs all around this area. But if I were you, I would stick to eating through the market for the experience and the tasty food.  

So when you have 2 days in London, visiting Borough Market is one thing you must do.

The Shard – 2:00 PM

Now that you are all nice and full, it’s time to get a view from the Shard.  You’ve probably seen this unique-looking skyscraper while walking through London. But isn’t this steel glass building glorious?  It is yet another famous tourist attraction you must see on your 2 days in London itinerary.  Yes, it may be a little touristy, but since this is your first time coming to London you have to see it at least once.

View of Thames River and The Shard

The View from The Shard’s building is 800 ft high and is an incredible way to see the city of London and all its wonders.  It is the tallest building in London too.  So the Lift (elevator) will take you up to the observation gallery on floor 69.  Yes, up 69 floors to get those striking 360-degree panoramic views of Lnodon through the glass windows.  I hope your not afraid of heights..LOL.  Next, you can get even more views from the open-air sky deck on level 71.  Visiting the View from The Shard is another way to see the iconic London sites over the River Thames.  

P.S. Another thing you can do here is sip on champagne while you walk around.  If you want to feel fancy…fancy.  I guess why not?  It’s a vacation right?

Additionally, my advice would be to purchase your tickets in advance.  You do not want to have to wait in long lines to get into the Shard.  If you wait until the day of, you could stand in line for a while and still not get in because of the crowds.  

Trafalgar Square – 4:00 PM

Next, it’s time to walk to Trafalgar Square.  We will be going to the other side of the river. You can take the train from London Bridge station on the Jubilee line to Waterloo, then take the Waterloo to Charing Crossing, then you’ll be at Trafalgar Square after 1 minute of walking from the station.  

So Trafalgar Square is a landmark that’s in central London.  It is a lovely serene square surrounded by a few water fountains dancing all day.  Additionally, you will see the monument of Nelson’s Column here.  Nelson’s Column is a giant statue dedicated to the war hero Admiral Horatio Nelson.  

Another thing, take time to relax and enjoy the surroundings while in the square. Watch people as they whiz by and just enjoy the dancing water fountains and children trying to climb up the Lion statues.  While at Trafalgar Square, you should take a peek inside the National Gallery.  If you are into beautiful paintings, dazzling art and exhibitions, then this is the place for you.  Don’t worry, it’s free to enter.

Piccadilly Circus – 5:00 PM

Now is time to walk around Piccadilly Circus.  Piccadilly Circus is said to be similar to New York Times Square.  With its bright lights, shopping stores, big buildings and enormous billboards. While here just take in the ambiance and the hustle and bustle of this area.  You’ll see everyone walking around just having a good time.  

Billboards and Buildings London

Plus in Piccadilly Circus has several American restaurants here.  Plsu, other restaurants are here featuring international, Mediterranean, and British foods.  If you are ready to eat dinner, you could go to any of the restaurants here.  Or, if you want to grab a pint, then go to one of the traditional pubs for a quick drink.  Don’t forget to stop and watch some of the street performers and entertainers. 

Leicester Square – 6:00 PM

Leicester Square is home to M&M’s World.  This M&M’s store is huge with 4 floors.  If interested, go in and walk the floors and see how many different M&M colors you see.  Trust me, it’s a lot. Even if you don’t like M&M’s, the store is still pretty cool to see. 

Then if you have kids (or play with Legos), there is a LEGO store across from the M&M store.  Here you’ll find all types of Legos, some featuring iconic landmarks of London and Harry Potter-themed Legos.  

Furthermore, Leicester Square is a beautiful area full of cinemas (theatres), restaurants, cafes, shopping stores, bars, and clubs. 

So yeah, this area is packed full of theatres.  We are in the West End district People.  

Chinatown – 7:00 PM

Don’t you just love finding a Chinatown when you are visiting a new area?  Well, you are in luck, because this Chinatown in London is on point.  I know there is a Chinatown pretty much in every big city worldwide, but this Chinatown in London is special.  So heck yeah, having Chinatown on your 2 days in London itinerary is a must.  This Chinatown is always hype with people and things to do.

London Chinatown

The streets are small, and you’ll see most restaurants with dining outside (mostly due to COVID).  So that means you may be shoulder to shoulder while walking the streets.  But a trip down here is worth it. 

The scenery is just gorgeous, with the red lanterns floating above the buildings.  Then the Chinatown gate is not to be missed.  This enchanting gate towering between buildings over the street is incredible.  Full of vibrant colors and Chinese writings and symbols, it’s an unbelievable backdrop for those amazing pictures you want for Instagram.

Instagram Feed will be lit..

Not to mention, Chinatown is notorious for having some of the best Instagrammable desserts in London!  Chinatown is full of restaurants!  So many eateries and drink options you can choose.  One place that I recommend going to is Dumplins Legend.  Here you can get some authentic Asian cuisine.  They are highly known for their Dim Sum.  You can even see the ladies making the dumplings right before your eyes, and It’s pretty cool to see.  Even though their customer service isn’t the greatest (maybe because they are always so freakin’ busy), it is still worth it.  The food is incredible. 

So if you like Asian cuisine, I would say skip eating dinner in Piccadilly Circus and make a beeline for Chinatown.  Since this area is bustling, you may need to call ahead to make a reservation, especially if visiting London during a weekend.

Covent Garden – 8:00 PM

Now here is the last stop of the evening.  So, make a way over to Covent Garden.  It is only about a 5-minute walk from Chinatown.  And I must say that Covent Garden is one of my favorite areas in London.  The ambiance and energy in this area are just exceptional.

There are several areas within Covent Garden.  First off, Covent Garden covers over 9 streets, so it is much to see here.  Then there’s the Covent Garden Piazza which is so vibrant and lively.   In the cobbled stone piazza, you’ll find some street entertainers.   Plus, there are rooftop restaurants and bars where you can sit to watch the entertainers and people pass by.  

Then if you want to get a little shopping done before the end of your 2 days in London, Covent Garden would be the perfect place too.  There are shops from high-end retailers like Chanel, Tiffany & Company, Michael Kors, and Nars.  

Covent Garden

So much to see in CG London

To be honest, you could spend an entire day in Chinatown and Covent Garden, but since you’re limited on time we’ll have to cut the time short to a few hours.  But next time you come to London, you could come earlier in the afternoon or evening and visit the Apple Market to see some of the clothing and food stalls of authentic finds.  Then you’ll have more time to shop around the area as well. 

Another stop you would want to make is to The Covent Garden Infinity Chamber.  It’s a tunnel full of sparkling lights and mirrors.  A unique spot where everyone loves to take pictures.  It’s one of the attractions that’s fun to walk through.  You can see my post on spending 1 day in London to learn more about Covent Garden. 

Other Things to do Not Included in this 2 Days in London Itinerary

London Bridge Experience

To be honest, we just stumbled across the London Bridge Experience while walking through the area.  My teenage daughter wanted to go in and see what it was all about, so we did.  Here you will learn about the history of London.  It is live entertainment and reenactment with actors and actresses.  You will walk through the vaults and tombs and get reenactments and some history of things that happened in London. It just brings London’s history to life. It’s a different way to get in some history versus just staring at an art gallery. 

And they did not sugarcoat some of the things that happened, including the London fires.  The experience through history takes you all the way back 2,000 years! 

This is a great and scary activity for you and the family.  Plus, the kids may get more of a kick out of it.  Yes, it can be kind of scary but fun at the same time. It may not be for little toddlers, though, so proceed with caution.  

The costumes are phenomenal, and the make-up is uncanny.  This experience was just a fun take on learning about the history of London.  The best part of it all is a surprise at the end.  The London Bridge Experience is a little off the beaten path, so you do not have to partake in this little gem.  If you want to skip this, it’s okay on to the next attraction. 

Click here to see ticket options

See A Musical

I didn’t include going to the theatre in this 2 days in London itinerary because it is so packed already.  But that does not make it less important.  There’s nothing like seeing one of your favorite musicals live.  It’s an excellent type of experience that’s full of singing and dancing.  You could make time to go see a musical in the evening, that would mean skipping one of the attractions like Chinatown or Covent Garden. 

However, if you decide to see a show I recommend booking in advance because the West End Theatre is very prevalent here and the shows may be sold out if you wait the day of.  The type of shows you could see are Six, The Lion King, Magic Mike, The Book of Morman, Wicked, and the Life of Pi, just to name a few.

Tips on Saving on Attraction Tickets – 2 Days in London

I want to share with you some tips on how to save some money while spending 2 days in London.  The London Pass is a great way to save some money on entering these top attractions. The London Pass is perfect for your trip to London because with it you will get access to over 80 attractions for free. You can purchase the London Pass for 1 day or 2 days and its options all the way up to 10 days if you decide to stay in London longer. The 1-day pass cost 62 British Pounds. 

The pass includes free entry to The Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour and Uber Boat Thames River Cruise, The View from The Shard, The London Bridge Experience, Tower Bridge, and many other attractions.  If you purchase tickets separately for these attractions it could cost up to 35 British Pounds each.  This London Pass is perfect for your 2 days in London and it’ll save you money!  Who doesn’t love saving money while on a trip? 

To see attractions and ticket options click here.

Getting Around – 2 Days in London Itinerary

By Walking – Best way 

So getting around London by walking is going to be the best way to see London, especially when you’re short on time.  When you walk around London, you get a chance to see several parts of London.  I’ve come across so many hidden gems in London by just walking through the streets and neighborhoods.  You’ll get a feel of the city and the culture especially.  Walking around London gives you a chance to see other tourists like yourself and locals just taking in all that London has to offer.  

By Train

The Underground is your friend.

However, taking the Underground (Subway) would be one of the quickest ways to get around London.  I don’t live in London, so I usually take the train to London instead of driving.  It’s easier and faster due to heavy traffic on the road.  Once I’m in London, I will jump on the Underground to get to where I need to go, unless I’m touring London like you. 

  • Oyster Card

To get on the train, you’ll need to purchase an Oyster card.  It pretty much looks similar to a credit card.  You can buy an Oyster card at the train station for just 5 British Pounds.  Then you’ll put money on the card to catch the trains.  If you are only taking the train a few times, you may need to load 10-15 pounds.

By City Bus

There is also an option to take the city bus.  I’ve also had to take the city bus, but it can be a bit confusing for me.  So be prepared and make sure you have good cell reception.  But it may be a breeze for you if you are from a big city.  Anyway, if I have to take the city bus, I’ll just look on google to see what stop I need to get off at.  You can use your Oyster card to get on the bus.  It’s contactless payment, so all you have to do is tap your card.  That’s the same way you use it on the Underground too.  Depending on how far you need to go, taking the city bus could take you much longer to get to your destination.

By Big Bus Tours London

So if you prefer to take a bus because you don’t want to do too much walking around, then I would suggest taking the Big Bus Tour.  This will give you the option of taking a bus and you’ll see all of the London sites too.  Furthermore, there is an audio guide available to give you the history of the city of London and the sites.  Sometimes there are tour guides on the bus talking to you.  When there is good weather, sit at the top of the double-decker bus to get fantastic city views. 

Plus, it’s hop-on hop-off so that they will stop at each of the sites. You can get off the bus and tour the site.  Then hop back on the next bus when you’re ready.  The bus generally comes around every 30 minutes.  You can purchase a 1 or 2-day pass.  To learn more, click here

Buy a Big Bus Tour Pass

By Taxi/Uber

So another neat thing about London is the classic black taxis you’ll see in the streets. There are plenty of taxis available to take you around.  So this is an option; however, it could get pretty pricey.  Then there are Uber drivers here as well.  I think taking an Uber may just be a little cheaper than a taxi, but still expensive. 

Where to Stay for 2 Days in London

I would recommend you stay in Central London.  This is where you will mostly be touring anyway.  Then you’ll be close to most of the places and cafes for breakfast, etc. There are tons of hotels to stay at in London. I’ll name a few below. 

Budget Accomodation

If searching for budget-friendly stays, staying in a hostel is an option.  Hostels are usually different from traditional hotels.

Mid-Range Hotels

For a more modern hotel and familiar chain hotels, there are plenty in the area.  There are great places to stay at in London such as the Marriott, and the IHG group See the hotel rates for London hotels here.

Luxury Hotels

There are tons of people and excellent reviews about St. Pancras Hotel on Booking.com.  St. Pancras Hotel is luxurious inside and outside, the building design is gorgoues.  Then there is the Henrietta hotel located in Covent Garden.  Another known hotel to most people is the Waldorf Hilton near Covent Garden.  Lastly, if you want to go all out, there’s The Biltmore Mayfair, LXR Hotels & Resorts.

So guys and gals, that’s my post on the 2 days in London itinerary.  As you see, it was packed full of things to do in just 2 days.  Even though there is much more to see in London, I think this itinerary covered some of the best places and sites.  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.  I hope you found my itinerary helpful for your 2 days in London.  Have fun!

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