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How to spend 3 Amazing Days in Gran Canaria, Spain

Adventure, Beaches, historic sites, oh my…

Traveling throughout Europe has been amazing. There are so many places to see. Going to Gran Canaria, Spain was a trip of a lifetime. It’s full of culture, sunshine, beautiful beaches and more. Here I will be going over our itinerary for 3 amazing days my family spent on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria, Spain.

I will tell you about what we did and where we explored. Consisting of Southern and Northern Gran Canaria. Visiting the most famous sites in the area like Casa De La Cultura De Firgas and the city of Arcus. Exploring the amazing views of this mountainous island by cruising in the Atlantic Ocean.  As well as many other sites and places we visited. If you stick with me, you will fall in love with this island as I did.  

The Beauty of this island is incredible

Gran Canaria is simply beautiful. It is a Spanish island territory situated in the Atlantic Ocean, South of Spain, and Northwest Africa. Even though it’s Spanish territory, it is closer to the coast of Africa. Gran Canaria is a part of a group of islands, an archipelago. The group of islands is also known as the Canary Islands.

So, why did I choose Gran Canaria, Spain? I live in the United Kingdom, but I am from the United States.  I was recommended by several of my co-workers to go to this island.  Before this, I never even heard of the Canary Islands.  So I jumped online and started doing my research. Then, I built my itinerary from the research I did and I must say that we had the time of our lives. 

If you follow this itinerary, you will love it too.  Let’s begin.

3 Amazing Days in Gran Canaria Spain

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How to Spend 3 Amazing Days in Gran Canaria Spain

Flying in…

The airport we flew into was Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain from London, United Kingdom. Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria in the northeastern part of the island. However, our hotel was located in the southern part of the island.  So we decided to take a taxi from the airport, which cost 63 Euros one way.  Whew, that was pretty costly, but we didn’t have a choice since our flight got in so late at 11 PM.

Want to know what to bring on the plane?

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Where we stayed

We stayed at the Radisson Blu Resort. The suite we booked was a Junior Suite with Garden View, consisting of one bedroom, kitchenette, full refrigerator, and a balcony, which included free breakfast. The breakfast was a buffet of international dishes full of the local bites of Spanish traditional food.  Check out this resort here.

The resort was in a great location sitting through mountains nestled between Anfi Beach and Patalavaca. We were situated right on the southern beach shore in Arguineguin. They had 4 swimming pools, two were for children only. There was a poolside restaurant where you could order quick bites and look over the ocean.  The resort also had a store where you could buy snacks, drinks, or toiletries if you forgot them at home. We did buy some local chocolates from there to bring back home.

Day 1- Northern Gran Canaria, Spain


North of Gran Canaria & Wine tasting

On the first day after a good night’s rest, we took a winery tour in northern Gran Canaria, Spain. It was an all-day tour that started at 0930 in the morning.  The cost of this tour is $40.91 U.S. Dollars per person.  We had to take a taxi to the pick-up location of where the tour guide was meeting us. It took us about an hour to go up North. 

At first, I was a little weary about my outfit as it was a little cooler in the northern region than in the south where we were staying.  I had worn an over-the-knee dress, a cardigan, and some cushioned flip-flops.

In the morning it was cool, but as the day went on it became hot.  LOL, so it worked out for us. So the driver had about 8 people in the van including us. I like doing group tours with other people because you get to know other people and hang out and sometimes make new friends.

Valle de Agaete

Our first stop was a vineyard and coffee plantation in the tropical valley of Berrazales, Agaete. Here we got to pick grapes off of the vine.  We learned how they grow the grapes and when they pick them.  Then we got a chance to sample the different wines from dry to sweet. They had choices of red, white, and rose wine. 

While tasting the wine we had a spread of selected cheeses, bread, and fruit spread.  The wine was delicious. We really enjoyed that. We also got a chance to see the trees where the coffee beans were growing on. And we were able to eat some freshly roasted coffee beans and partake in drinking freshly ground coffee.

After the taste testing, we walked up some stairs to a rooftop which was a high peak with a stunning view of the countryside.

Playa del Risco Y Puerto De Agaet

Up next on the tour, was a stop by a fishing village on the shore of, Playa del Risco Y Puerto De Agaet.  It was full of rocks, not the typical beach with sand but people were still laying out catching some sun wherever they could find a smooth surface, which was on wooden platforms. BTW Spain is known for its topless and nude beaches.  So yeah, there were some ladies out there topless. 

Anyway, the water was GORGEOUS! Clear blue!!  There were some concrete docks or sidewalks where people could walk to enjoy the scenery. It was also steps that you could walk down to actually get in the water.  We saw people snorkeling near the shore with the mountains situated in the background.  I cannot tell you just how gorgeous this was.  The views of the mountains were just incredible. This has to be one of the most beautiful islands that I have seen.  You can’t help but be in love with Gran Canaria, Spain. This is where we also just sat down for lunch and had some traditional food Spanish food. 

After that, we went on to a banana plantation.  It was pretty cool and fascinating to see how the bananas were actually grown from the tree.  We also learned that the most important part of the banana plant is the mother. Which is at the end of the bananas hanging upside down like an upside-down tulip.

Casa De La Cultura De Firgas

Then we made a quick stop at Casa De La Cultura De Firgas, a small village of cascading water in the center of it, replicating water from the mountains.  The city was lined with beautiful bright-colored tiled benches sitting on the side. This town is full of history and culture. Definitely worth a stop if you love to learn more about the island.

Inglesia de San Juan Bautista

Lastly, we went to the city of Arucas and entered a beautiful neo-gothic style catholic church of Iglesia de San Juan Bautista. The architecture is gorgeous inside and out with stained glass capturing the sunshine displaying beautiful colors. Here we also went into a souvenir shop and bought a few items to bring back.

I’m glad we decided to tour North Gran Canaria, Spain. This trip up North is well worth it to learn more about the island and experience its rich culture. And oh yeah, drinking the wine was an EXTRA bonus.

To find out more about this tour click here.

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Day 2- Touring Southern Gran Canaria, Spain

3 days in Gran Canaria-ms-southernverse

We Rode Dune Buggies

We woke up pretty early to eat breakfast at our hotel. This was since our Guided Buggy Tour was first thing in the morning. The cost of this 2-hour tour was 120 Euros for 3 people. The company offers several tours in the morning and afternoon. The time slot we booked was for 8 AM because there were a few other activities to do on this trip. We needed to utilize our time wisely.  The tour was booked on a website called GetYourGuide.

This activity falls under the adventure category.  The site has a variety of excursions for almost anywhere around the world. I recommend researching both the Trip Advisor and GetYourGuide websites for booking tours when you go on a vacation or even just to get some ideas of what to do on your own.  Before I book anything, I always read over the reviews to see if other people had a good experience or not. 

If interested in this dune buggies tour click here.

Anyway, the tour operator picked us up at our hotel at 0820.  The drive was only about 20 minutes away and the driver picked up another couple on the way. 

The Buggy Pirates

So, there was a group of people that were there to go on the buggies as well.  I would say about 20 people, 2 people could fit in one buggy.  We had to fill out paperwork saying we understood the risks that may be involved.  This was to pretty much cover the company just in case anyone would get hurt. After that, we received a quick briefing on how to drive the buggies and where the route would be going.  The employees were ensuring everyone’s safety every step of the way.

After the briefings, everyone loaded up in the buggies and started riding from the building. Heading towards our first stop we drove up narrow winding roads with a lot of twists and sharp turns. 

Now we are getting somewhere…

As we were driving up the mountains, there were a plethora of cyclists riding up the mountain, getting their exercise on.  We had to make sure we didn’t run them over.  Don’t worry, we were cautious and looked out for them.  Later I found out, that this is a popular route for cyclists too.  Also, mountain biking is another great way to see the island.  This seems like it would be a good workout as well, because going up those hills ain’t no joke.  Seriously…I can imagine the burning of my calves right now.  However, if you are a runner, cyclist, or fitness buff, this would be perfect for you.  You will get a great workout in AND tour the island at the same time.  

Driving up the mountain was EXHILARATING.  The scenery was BREATHTAKING.

Yes, driving up the mountain was exhilarating!!  I’m not going to lie tho, it was a little scary too, but I made sure I was being extra careful.  I didn’t want to make any false moves..LOL.. It was well worth it, because the scenery was absolutely breathtaking.  My daughter was in the passenger seat and decided to film some of the drive to view later.  If you would like to see a few of our homemade videos, click here.

Having said that, the company had a cameraman that rode along the route with us, taking videos and photos of everyone.  Then if you want, you can purchase that video for a small fee as a keepsake/souvenir.  

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The Alley of A Thousand Palms

So, the scheduled route took us all the way up to the top of the mountains towards our first stop, “Ayagaures Valley”.  Once here, we experienced panoramic views of the mountains and amazing scenery.  We could look all around and down the rocky, steep cliffs.  We could see the village of Fatagma AKA “The Alley of A Thousand Palms,” and Las Yeguas or Fataga, which is a ravine with volcanic residue.  There was some railing there to keep people protected and from going over.  This Valley sort of reminded me of the Grand Canyon, but the Grand Canyon of the Canarias.  This was also a great spot for an awesome photo op. The tour guide also gave us a quick spill on the history of the island.  

The beautiful village of Fatagma

 After that, we drove down to the village of Fatagma, which was surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains. While driving through this village, we were able to embrace the culture of the traditional Canarian architecture. The houses had stark white walls and beautiful tiled roofs.  This quaint little village is definitely something to see while visiting here. 


The last route was when we actually got DIRTY! We started doing some off-roading through a desert, through rocks, dirt, sand, you name it.  It was a very BUMPY ride.  I didn’t know that these buggies could handle all that.  At some points, other buggies were kicking up dirt, and it was a little hard to see riding behind them.  Luckily, they supplied us with protective goggles to keep the dirt out of our eyes. 

It was so much fun!!! 

The last stop of the route was at the bottom and in the heart of some mountains.  Here we got a chance to enjoy the view looking up the mountains this time with cacti’ everywhere.  I even walked into a cactus plant by accident. Yeah, it did prick my legs, but no blood was drawn…LOL. I was okay, don’t worry.  We then proceeded on, flying through mud puddles while getting dirt and water splashed everywhere.  Then we got back on solid ground until we made it back to the building where we started.

I must say that we truly enjoyed this adventure.  It was definitely a great way to see this part of the Southern island. 

If you want to book that tour, click here.


***Recommendations and Must-Haves***

Make sure you wear clothing that you don’t mind getting muddy.  You must wear tennis shoes or closed-toe shoes if you want to drive.  I made that mistake by walking out of the hotel with flip-flops, luckily, the company allowed me to go back up and grab appropriate shoes. 

Also, bring your own bandanas/scarf to cover your mouth and nose. If you forget that, don’t worry they sell bandanas at their company too.  You will also need your Driver’s License.

After that, we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up.  Then we took a quick break and sat down pool-side, ordering our lunch while enjoying the views of the ocean. We decided to get a pitcher of Sangria.  The sangria was BOMB! It was so good!! When in Spain, you must drink Sangria. So corny, I know…but yall it was soooo good!

Next up..Still on Day 2, guys…stick with me.

Whale and Dolphin Boat Cruise

3 days in gran canaria-ms southernverse
The amazing view we had from the boat

We had a tight schedule.  So, after we ate lunch, we went on to our next excursion, which was a whale and dolphin boat cruise at 3 PM.  We took another taxi from the hotel to go to the meeting point, which only took about 10 minutes.  The meeting point was at Puerto Base, Puerto Rico, lined along the dock were a bunch of different tour boats. 

Side note: the only reason why we took a taxi and not a bus was that we were short on time. But if you have enough time, then take the bus, it’ll save you a few dollars.  


On the cruise, we were able to just relax and enjoy the sun as we sailed out into the ocean to find the dolphins.  The views from the boat were incredible.  We reached the spot where the dolphins were spotted, and I couldn’t believe it.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dolphins in my life.  It seems as if we were in the heart of it.  I don’t know if they got lucky, or if they just know how and where to find them.  But we were not disappointed at all. 

We were there sailing around just chasing after the dolphins for a while, taking videos and pics.  It was a good experience.  This company guarantees that you will see some dolphins or whales, but if for some reason you don’t, they will give you a free ticket to come back anytime.

If you love dolphin and whale watching, you should check it out, especially in the clear blue waters of the Atlantic ocean of Gran Canaria, Spain. 

You can book that tour here.

Later, the cruise docked back at the port, and we decided to just stay in the area and walk a few minutes to Puerto Rico beach. My daughter went out and played in the sand and water as we decided to just lay out under the umbrella and relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.  We stayed out there for about an hour and went back to the hotel for dinner.

Day 3 – Sailing the Atlantic Ocean – Afrikat Morning Cruise

We took another boat tour, but this time it was on Afrikat Catamaran.  This was a half-day tour where they sailed the Atlantic ocean while seeing the beautiful landscapes of the Gran Canaria coastline.  It costs $218 U.S. dollars for 3 people or $69.66 per person.

The meeting place was up at Puerto Base, Puerto Rico, which is the same location where we sailed for the dolphin and whale cruise.  This cruise was a popular boat tour, as they were full.  But it wasn’t too crowded, it was still comfortable to move around the cabin.  This tour was for 5 hours, from 0915-1415. 

We sailed in the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Perfect weather for sailing the Atlantic.  We cruised along the coast of El Perchel and Anfi del Mar, which was absolutely gorgeous.   

My family was situated at the back of the boat, and we were in full sun.  FYI, please bring lots and lots of sunblock.  My fiance actually got sunburned, poor thing. 

Additionally, if you want to be located in the front of the boat, I believe you have to book that specifically and ahead of time or if you are a part of a large group.  The front of the boat had more room and more shade, and they could layout on sunbeds.   

About the main deck & lunchtime

Anyhow, there was a little dining area on the main deck with a selection of unlimited sodas, water, beer, and Sangria.  The Sangria was just ok, nothing compared to the deliciousness that was at the resort the day prior. 

We sailed around a bit, taking in the sun and the stunning views.  Then the boat docked at a secluded spot in the Atlantic ocean.  Here, the crew served lunch buffet-style. The food was pretty good. It consisted of traditional Canarian dishes, like pasta, meatballs served with a sweet sauce, Canarian potatoes with “Mojo” sauce to dip, salad, and bread.  They had plenty of food, so you could go back for seconds or thirds.  

Water Sports

After eating lunch, we continued to stay docked.  They had choices of water sports, like Jet Skis, Speed boats, Snorkeling, Donut, and Parasailing.  This is what made this tour so appealing while I was building the itinerary. However, the excursion was an additional cost, ranging from 10-30 Euros, except for the speed boat, which is free. 

So, we decided to ride Jet Skis.  The Jet Skis were a lot of fun, but I was kind of scared being out so far on the water because I can’t swim.  My daughter rode on the back of the Jet Ski, and she kept asking me to “Go Faster”. I didn’t want to fall…LOL.  I mean, we did have on life vests and I knew we wouldn’t drown but I wasn’t taking any chances.  Don’t judge me..LOL.  Meanwhile, my fiancé was going at top speed, whipping it round’ and round’. 

It was a blast!!

Swimming in the Atlantic

Now, there is an option to go snorkeling as well. They will provide you with the equipment and you can jump off the boat and swim.  My daughter is a good swimmer, so she decided to snorkel.  She was able to see the beautiful, colorful fish while swimming in the ocean.  I was on the edge dangling my feet in the water, and one of the employees gave me some bread to pinch off to feed the fish.  And OMG, them fish started swirling around for that bread, it was insane.  There were so many fish surrounding us, it was AMAZING.  Especially since I didn’t actually get out in the water to swim.  It was great that I could see the fish through the clear blue waters perfectly.

We on a boat…

Well, a speedboat was the next excursion that was operated by the Captain of the ship.  It was actually really fun.  You have to hold on tight though, while you are crashing into the water.  If you have a bad back, they don’t advise you to do the speed boat as it bounces up and down on the water pretty hard.

While riding, the captain sped up to the mountains where we could see it up close and got a glimpse of red crabs crawling around on it.  It was pretty cool.  The captain talked to us about the island and its history as well. 

If you want to book that tour click here

We wrapped all of that up and started sailing back to shore.  That was the only tour for that day since we had to get up early for our flight out the next morning.  We decided to stay around the hotel and walk along the beach. We ate dinner and headed back to the room to pack.

My overall thoughts…

The thing I wish I would have done was to visit the sand dunes in Maspalomas.  We just ran out of time.  But you could visit and walk through the desert with these huge sand dunes.  You could even ride on camels through the dunes. So if you have the time, go visit.  I definitely will on my next visit there.

So my overall take of it is that.  Spending 3 days in Gran Canaria, Spain was AMAZING.  We loved every aspect of it.  This island was so beautiful, exquisite, and charming.  It was EVERYTHING!!  The pictures we took do not do it ANY  justice!! You just have to be there to see it and experience it for yourself.  

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be able to explore a beautiful place like this.  I mean, I’m just a country girl from South Mississippi.  Who would have ever thought?!  

Let me know what you think.  Have you ever heard of Gran Canaria, Spain?  Will you put this on your bucket list?  Comment below if you have any questions or want more info about this beautiful island of Gran Canaria, Spain.  

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