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The Best Desserts in London You Must Try

London is a foodies paradise. Exploring and eating in out of this world desserts around London is a Must.  Desserts like creamy ice cream cones combined with a floating cotton candy around it and donuts that are so big, you have to eat it with a fork. London has some of the BEST tasting and PRETTIEST desserts I’ve ever had.  These scrumptious desserts aren’t just known in London but around the world.  People flock to London to try out these iconic mouth-watering desserts and take epic photos for the gram’ before indulging in the deliciousness of these wonderful treats.  

So, when you come to London, these are the top delectable dessert spots you must try.  These are also the most impressive instagrammable desserts that will make everyone on your timeline jealous and craving for that ooey-gooey goodness.

So without further ado.  Here are the yummiest, prettiest, and most creative desserts to eat in London. 

This post contains affiliate links to the products that I use and recommend. If you click on any of the links and make a purchase, then I may earn a small commission. For more info click my full disclosure.

Doughnut Time

When you look in the window at these doughnuts and smell that amazing smell of warm dough sugar and icing, you will not be able to resist taking a bite. Doughnut Time has delicious specialty doughnuts that are oh so scrumptious. These have to be the best doughnuts that I have ever eaten. These doughnuts are so presentable and exquisite too.  And you can tell that the designers took their time to cook up these unique designs.  The doughnuts are beautifully hand-crafted daily and served fresh. 

picture of doughnuts

They offer a variety of different flavors like David Hasselhoff (Biscoff), Red Velvet,  Notorious P.I.G., and Chocolate Ganache.  As well as many more specialty doughnuts with epic names. My favorite so far has been the Biscoff Hands down. It’s so yummy.  Don’t think that doughnuts are just for breakfast either, because at Doughnut Time you will have a scrumptious dessert. The doughnuts are huge and I eat them like a piece of cake with a fork!  It’s hard to resist eating this donut in one sitting in 5 minutes. So when I go I get a variety of flavors so I’ll have one for later.

There are a total of 10 locations around London.  Some of the locations are still open for take out.  But don’t let that stop you because you can get these delicious doughnuts delivered to you fresh straight to your door throughout the UK.

Locations: Soho, Wardour St., Covent Garden, Shoreditch, and many more.  For more info and locations check out their website.


I was first introduced to Laduree’ when I went to Paris.  But I had no idea that this pastry shop was right here in London when I happened to stumble across it.   In Paris, Laduree’s Parisian Cafe’ became a place where high society would often hang out.  It became a luxurious tea room and a place to be.  Laduree’s became famous for its iconic mouthwatering desserts called Macarons. 

It’s pretty much 2 soft cookies (they call it shells) with different flavors of cream in the middle.  But these are not just any ole’ cookies. They are soft, flaky, and flavorful.  They had just the right amount of sweetness without being overloaded or heavy.  The colors of these desserts are so pretty too.  They have a variety of flavors to please anyone’s taste buds.  Our favorites are the Vanilla, Lemon, Caramel.  

So if you cannot visit the original shop of Paris, then hop on over to it in London. They taste just the same to me.  And the gift boxes you can choose to take your macarons dessert to take away are so aesthetically appealing.  Such an elegant box with a Parisian vibe.

  • Standing in front of Laduree
  • laduree bag and take away box

You can order ahead and collect them in the store.  Or you can request to ship to your home. For more info check out their website

Locations: Ladurée London Burlington Arcade and Ladurée London Covent Garden


Milk Train

All Aboard. Do you like Ice Cream? Oh my goodness Milk Train creamy ice cream cones with the candy floss cloud floating around it is soooo dreamy.  This ice cream has to be the prettiest instagrammable dessert.  It’s so mesmerizing it makes you not want to eat it.  But you still have to eat this ice cream because once you do. You’ll be glad you did.  You will be in Heaven. This ice cream is so scrumptious and indulgent dessert.  You can select your ice cream flavors and toppings or try one of the specials like Unicone, Rocky Train Track, or At The Movies. 

Ice Cream Cone

You can choose however many toppings you want like rainbow drops, coconut chips, oreo cookies, etc.  These toppings are so glamorous like a candy cloud dream that you can eat.  The candy floss just adds that special touch to pull this dreamy ice cream cone dessert all together making it a perfect combination. 

Milk Train also offers a variety of festive-themed ice cream throughout the year in line with the holidays.  When in London you must have the Milk Train experience.  Check them out on IG.


Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen is one of the most top Instagrammble dessert cafe’s in London.  The cafe is Pink, yall. And pink is my favorite color so I had to visit this adorable gem.  The display in front of the cake shop is so dreamy and aesthetically pleasing.  Reserve a table and sit in front of this adorable dessert cafe.  First off, what girl wouldn’t like to indulge in sweet treats while gazing at the enchanted pink Cafe’ and gorgeous decor of flowers everywhere? 

Peggy Porschen offers a selection of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and confectionery desserts that are made daily.  I thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes and cakes.  All of these sweet treats look stunning and the detailing is just incredible.  The hues of pink cakes and pink icing and flowers are just so picture-perfect, it makes me smile by just looking at them.  These desserts were so good and so cute. Each flavor was different and stood on its own.   

The desserts we tried were Red Velvet cupcake, Glorious Victoria cake, Vanilla Cloud Cake, and Dark Chocolate Truffle.  All of these cakes were good, not too sweet, except the Dark Chocolate Truffle cake. My husband loved it but it was a little too rich for me. All in all, we enjoyed it and will be going back for more.

Check out Peggy Porschen on IG.

Location: 116 Ebury Street, Belgravia, London SW1W 9QQ and 219 King’s Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5EJ 

Bubblewrap Waffle

What is a Bubblewrap? It is a freshly made waffle with a delicious ice cream sundae on the inside. It is so good. Bubble Wrap first started during a college project when they wanted a unique dessert while trying to make the traditional snack egg waffles of Hong Kong but with a twist. That’s when this hot waffle combined with the yummy ice cream combination was created.

The Bubblewrap ice cream shop is located in Chinatown right in front of the most instagrammable Chinatown archway.  It makes for good Instagram photos while eating this scrumptious dessert. 

They have specialty wraps like Oreo Crunch and Berry Good. Or you can choose your flavor of gelato, and toppings combinations to make it just like you want it.  Coupled with the toppings on this ice cream wrapped in a warm waffle makes it such a neat creation.  It’s very tasty we have been back to indulge a few times.  

Their saying is “If You’re Not Munching On A WaffleWrap Then What The Waffle Are You Doing?”. Check out their website.

Location: 24 Wardour Street, Chinatown,London, W1D 6QJ, England and 20B, Lower Ground Floor, The Market, The Piazza, London, WC2E 8RB


I love going to Chinatown because it is so interesting and aesthetically pleasing.  There are so many restaurants, cafes, and places to explore.  So when in the area Bake is a place you must stop and partake in. One of the most popular desserts in Bake is the Japanese Taiyaki cone.  It’s a fish-shaped waffle cone filled with green tea matcha ice cream. It’s their take on the original Taiyake cake.  

This dessert item is another one that is perfect for the gram.  It’s so cute to see all of the pictures of this unique dessert.  And the fact that matcha green tea has so many health benefits, who could resist?  You can have your sweet craving while getting in some nutrients too.  This will help you feel less guilty while diving into this sweet treat.  

The other items that are there and should try are the small waffles in the shape of a fish that’s filled with delicious Custard.  These are scrumptious too. Not too sweet. Just the right amount to satisfy that craving.  They also offer Nutella Tayaki and Red Bean Taiyaki. 

There aren’t just sweets that are here though. They offer other baked goods and buns filled with meat like the BBQ pork bun if you want a quick bite of food. 

Location: 9 Wardour St, Chinatown, London W1D 6PF

Saint Aymes Cafe

Saint Aymes Cafe’ is known as the “prettiest cafe’ in London”.  It’s adorned with picturesque displays of pretty pink flowers cascading on the outside of the entrance.  Its concept is “Magic You Can Touch”.  It’s whimsical when you come upon this cafe’.  It’s not only gorgeous on the outside, it’s just as good looking on the inside.  This place has a Flower wall, yall.  It’s so adorable and magical.  The flower wall inside the cafe is just perfect, especially to take pictures for Instagram. It looks like it could be a decor that would be part of a blissful wedding.  What a dream it would be to have had a fancy bridal shower here.  That would be fabulous.  

But now let’s get on to the scrumptious desserts.  They offer signature delicious cupcakes and tall layers of decadent cakes.  I tried the Caramel Biscoff cupcake and it was so yummy.  And they have the prettiest drinks that you could ever set your eyes on.  Drink up one of the Unicorn Lattes, Marie Antoinette milkshakes, or one of their marvelous pink and pastel-colored cocktails.  

Also, come here to have brunch with your friends, while being surrounded by beautiful flowers.  Bring your girls out for the prettiest Saint Aymes brunch and afternoon tea experience while sipping on 24ct gold champagne.  I mean come on. Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

For more info check out their website.

Location: 59 Connaught St, St George’s Fields, London W2 2BB



Yolkin is an ice cream bakery that specializes in what is known as the Mac Ice.  What is that you say?  It is two incredible combinations of two macarons with ice cream in the middle.  It’s their twist of an ice cream sandwich.  And if you know anything about macarons you know they come in a variety of flavors and dazzling rainbow colors.  To be honest these desserts are just absolutely appealing to look at.  And the ice cream sandwiches are one of the most photographed desserts on Instagram.  I know you’ve seen them on your timelines. I have seen them up and down on my IG timelines and all over Pinterest.  

I’m jealous that I have not been able to try one of these bad boys yet.  But the Mac Ice will be first on my list the next time I’m able to visit London after restrictions.  I love macaroons and I love ice cream.  So indulging in this exquisite creation will be a treat for me.  So I know I will fall in love with these babies and I’m sure you would too. 

For more info check out their IG.

Location 24 Rupert St, West End, London W1D 6DQ

I hope you enjoyed my take on the yummiest and most instagrammable desserts in London.  There are so many places I have yet to explore but once the country opens back up and it is safe to travel.  I will continue to add more desserts to this list as I trek through London. 

Are there any dessert spots you’ve been to that aren’t on this list?

Comment below, I would love to drool over your experience. 


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  6. Wow!! Those treats are delicious!
    Indeed, London is a paradise for desserts! The pictures are so perfect. Everything is so mouth-watering. My favorites are the bubble wrap waffle and the macarons!

    1. Roshunda says:

      Yes I love London desserts too. Thanks for checking my post out.

  7. These desserts look all so delicious. Next time I am in London (after the lockdown) I will visit some of those locations 🙂

    1. Roshunda says:

      You will love it I’m sure.

  8. Looks awed

    1. Thank you.

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