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The Best Travel Bloggers You Must Follow in 2020

Hey there. Are you looking for some travel inspiration? Are you planning a trip or vacation post-COVID-19? Well, you have come to the right place. I have gathered the TOP 10 travel bloggers that I like and think that you will like them too. These travel bloggers have been exploring the world for years and have a plethora of information to share with everyone. They will walk you through itineraries, where to travel, what to eat, and how to do all of this on a budget. They are very inspirational to me as they are living the good life through travel.

So, without further ado, here are the best travel bloggers you must follow in 2020.

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HandLuggae Only

Is a United Kingdom-based blog run by two friends Yaya and Lloyd. They started off in 2014 by sharing photos of their travel destinations.  What was appealing to me was their profile picture.  YaYa seems to be a very fun, outgoing person. And Loyd seems like a more calm and conservative.  Both of them together make a great team.  They have incredible photographs on their posts that make them stick out from the rest. On Pinterest alone, they have over 391K followers.  Their website is clean, modern, and filled with beautiful photos of countries from all over. These professional colorful photos that they share definitely capture the essence and beauty of their travels. Not only do they take spectacular pictures, they share tips on how you can take your own too.

Oneika the Traveller

I just adore Oneika’s travel blog because she is the First black woman travel blogger that I encountered.  Her story and beautiful photos are captivating.  She gives me inspiration as she is a black woman who travels and is a wife and mother. Also, the stories she tells and the photos she has of her baby is cute and pulls on my heartstrings every time. 

Oneika has traveled to over 115 countries and 6 continents.  She is not your normal traveler, she seeks adventure as she has climbed volcanoes, and even bungee jumped over the Zambezi River! Oneika is the host of Travel Channel’s One Bag and You’re Out and Big City, Little Budget. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Passport Voyager

Sierra is a solo female traveler blogger that I really admire.  She is from California currently living in New York, which is where she began seeking out travel opportunities. Sierra provides all the details that a person needs while planning for a trip. You guys, her writing is very impressive and she is thorough with the trips she posts. Her posts are very easy to read, neat, and categorized perfectly. Don’t let the professional writing fool you, Sierra is very fun and entertaining.

My favorite articles are the “Most Instagrammable Places in London to Eat“.  I personally am a foodie and love finding beautiful works of art in food.  Easy to find, table of contents. To sum it all up, Sierra’s blog is definitely one of my go-to’s before I head out for a day in London.

Girl With The Passport

Kelly Duhigg is a solo female traveler from New York City.  She started her blog in 2017 and never looked back. She motivates others to live their dreams through travel. Kelly has a plethora of travel tips essential and unique to women. Her quirky attitude will definitely point you to the right destination tailored to you. I really like her clever topics and rockstar mentality. She has a great sense of humor and is down to earth.  She travels down the unbeaten path and shows discoveries in the weirdest places that turn out to be a gem.  

A Brit & A Southerner

This name alone is what attracted me to this blog. Chris is from Ramsbottom, England, and Heather is from Arkansas, making them a unique traveling couple. Their motto is “Exploring the world one weekend at a time”. They are part-time travel bloggers that work a traditional full-time job. They mainly blog about their journeys that surrounds the US and the UK.  Which, by the way, they have a great deal of experience, as they have traveled to over 37 countries! Also, don’t forget to view the massive stock of travel photos on their page, because it’s pretty impressive. Go check them out! 

Goats on the Road

Nick and Dariece is an awesome 30-something Canadian couple that travels and blogs around the globe full-time. They have been traveling for over 8 years, visiting over 60 countries. They are truly dedicated to sharing their tips on how others can make money to fill that wanderlust itch. 

There is a wealth of incredible jobs listed on the site to help you maintain travel aspirations. Which includes making money on-line, teaching English abroad, house sitting, and many other jobs. They have been living the life of FREEDOM.  They are definitely worth a visit as they are an inspirational travel couple.

Somto Seeks

Somto is a solo female traveler. Upon visiting her site you are met with a big smile, beautiful vibrant colors, and a bubbly spirit.  She is from the U.S. and decided to move to Madrid, Spain, and started to live her best life away from the stress from her old job.  Now, she is living back in California, writing about her travel experiences, mainly about Spain and Portugal. Somto is dedicated to teaching women how to live an adventurous life, young, wild, and free as she blogs full-time. She has an extensive list of articles with beautiful photos to match. One to follow!

Hues of Delahaye

Delahaye is a Jamaican gal living and blogging in London.  She gives her perspective on where to go, itineraries, and travel tips from a local. She gives advice on how to travel while she is working a full-time job as a scientist. Whoah, a Scientist. That’s pretty amazing. She shares her tips on how to budget for travel and catch cheap flights.  Her tips are for those that want to take city breaks, day trips, and weekend getaways.

Additionally, she has great insider tips on London since she has been living there for over 10 years. I love looking at the beautiful photos on her posts.  I like her page because I’m always trying to find new things to do in London and she has so many places to offer to visitors.  And not just the typical tourist places. My favorite article that brought me to her blog is the “Best Places to eat in London Chinatown with Taste of China Tour“.

The Discoveries of

Julianna Barnaby is a born and raised Londoner and professional travel writer.  She specializes in tips for helping people discover things to do in London. She has won the “Best Photojournalism Award – Caribbean Tourism Organisation Awards 1028”. Julianna has several London travel guides including food, culture, bars & pubs, etc.  I like her blog because she knows her city and she is a true Londonist.  I like getting the perspective of what to do and where to go directly from an insider.  She doesn’t only write about London, but other countries as well in (Africa, Middle-East, South America, etc.). 

Adventures of Alice 

Alice is another United Kingdom-based blogger, who was hit hard with the travel bug 4 years ago, and never looked back. She began traveling abroad and now she has visited over 20 countries, caught 34 flights, and explored 48 places. She shares her budget-friendly travel tips to inspire others. Her affordable travel tips will inspire anyone to get out of the house and jump on a flight. I especially like her blog post on “How to Travel Europe on A Budget“.  

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Yay, There you have it. The best travel bloggers to follow in 2020. Go check out their pages, you won’t be disappointed.

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