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22 Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Travel

It’s that time of the year again — Mother’s Day!  I can still remember the day I had my daughter, and it forever changed my life.  Becoming a mother is the most rewarding yet most challenging job one could ever have.  For Mother’s Day, show her just how much she means to you by giving her one of these unique gift ideas for moms who travel.

Moms take care of the family; she hustles and grinds to make a great life for her kids and family.  Sometimes it may be difficult to think of things to get mom for Mother’s Day, but I have put together a list of travel gifts for moms that would be spectacular for her. 

Some moms have the wanderlust bug and love to travel just like I do.  I would love to receive any one of these gifts from my family.  These gifts don’t have to be for just your mom.  These gifts can be for any mother in your life that loves to travel.  Husbands…these gifts would be perfect if you are a traveling family and your wife likes to travel.  

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Here is 22 Practical Gift Ideas for Moms Who Travel

Travel Themed Jewelry

Travel-themed jewelry can be a fun way to showcase how much mom loves to travel.  Nothing says I love to travel more than a pair of airplane earrings or a globe dangling from her neck.  

Having a beautiful and elegant piece of travel-themed jewelry will be a conversation starter.  I’m sure mom would love to talk about her journeys with others.

Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is one of the best gift ideas for mothers who like to travel that won’t break the bank.  A useful travel wallet can hold moms’ travel documents, passports, and credit cards.  It will keep her things all in one place while she’s going through passport patrol and security, which makes it pretty convenient, as she won’t have to rummage through her travel bag for all the essential documents she will need while traveling.  

Not only that, but this travel wallet is an all-around practical gift.  Mom can use it every day, even when she’s not traveling.  

Portable Travel Fan

A portable travel fan is a unique gift idea for moms that like to travel.  It’s the perfect way for mom to cool down when she gets flustered or ends up in tight spaces.  She can get a breath of fresh air no matter where she is.  Mom can use this on airplanes, lounges, and buses.   And the best place this practical gift would be useful is on the Subway.  Whew!

When on the train, it can get crowded, plus its not that much air circulating.  On the London Underground, it can get very hot down there.  So you wouldn’t want your mom to pass out… right?  So get her a portable travel fan that’s great for multiple uses.

Reusable Cups for Moms Who Travel

Give your mom that loves to travel, the gift of hydration.  We all know that drinking water is essential, especially while traveling. 

A reusable cup will prevent her from buying the $4 bottle of expensive water in the airport.  Having a reusable water bottle or cup will keep her hydrated for less. 

Packing Cubes for Moms Who Travel

Keeping her belongings organized in her suitcase will keep mom sane during traveling.  Packing cubes will not only keep her clothes organized, but it will compress the clothes down, saving her space.  

For instance, I like to pack my bottoms in one cube and tops in another.  Your mom wouldn’t have to have a big pile of clothes or a jumbled mess no longer with these packing cubes.  I love using packing cubes.  It’s been a lifesaver. 


Luggage Tags

Mom will love having some cute luggage tags for her travels.  Luggage tags will quickly identify who the bags belong to.  It is also terrific for spotting her luggage when it’s on the conveyor belt waiting for collection. 

Jewelry Organizer 

Now, if your mom is anything like me, she loves wearing jewelry.  There were times when I was in the military that I couldn’t wear that much bling while working.  So when it’s time to travel, that’s when you can bring out the good stuff.  

To bring her jewelry, she would need to have a special place to house it, and a jewelry organizer is perfect.  It’ll help mom keep her jewelry organized, tangle-free, and protected all in one place.  

Travel Scarf for Moms Who Travel

Having a travel scarf is essential whether your mom travels to a warm or cold climate.  First, the airports and airplanes usually have their A/Cs on blast.  

A scarf is a perfect companion to help keep her warm and comfortable.  Especially having a soft, cozy scarf will help her sleep while on the plane.  Plus, bringing a scarf along can be versatile too.  Mom could use the scarf around her neck, on her head, and around her shoulders. 

Priority Pass

Speaking of being comfortable, help your mother travel like a BOSS.  Gifting her with a Priority Pass membership will be an exceptional travel Mother’s Day gift for mom.  With Priority Pass, mom can get access to exclusive airport lounges worldwide.  These private lounges offer complimentary food, drinks, and alcohol.  

Additionally, they have comfy sofas and chairs, places to charge up all those gadgets, and free Wi-Fi.  It’s the ideal place to relax away from all the noise in the terminal.  She can unwind in the lounge while waiting to board her plane. 

Click here for my full review on Priority Pass memberships

Travel Books

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine.

Give mom the gift of travel books to continue to inspire her wanderlust.  Travel books can help her plan her next travel adventures.  These books can also be a tremendous inspiration for the journey ahead.  Books about travel are incredible to read during staycations as well.  

One of my favorite travel books is The Alchemist.  If mom hasn’t read that one yet, then hook her up.   

Passport Holder

Mama loves to travel abroad, right?  Then assist her in being stylish and organized by gifting her a Passport Holder.  There are several kinds of passport holders to choose from.  You could get her one with several pockets on the inside that could hold her credit cards and cash. 

There are also RFID passport covers that keep scammers from scanning the passport for her personal information.  Get her a quirky, colorful passport holder, or if she’s more conservative, go for the one that blends in more.  Whichever one you choose, she will love you for helping her stay organized.

Tripod for Moms Who Travel

When mom is traveling around the world and living her best life, I’m sure she wants to share that with the world, aka Instagram.  If your mom loves to take pictures, giving her a Tripod would take her to the next level.  

Plus, if your mom travels solo, she could use the tripod to take incredible pictures of herself in front of landmarks or the mountains.  Tripods are also ideal for keeping a steady shot and not having crooked photos. 


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Portable Espresso Machine

Moms sometimes need a pick me up in the morning to get their day started.  I know I love to drink my coffee, but sometimes coffee isn’t readily available while traveling.  

A Portable Espresso Machine is an impressive gift idea for mothers that like to travel.  That way, she can have her coffee wherever she wakes up.  If she’s camping in the middle of the desert, she can wake up with that perfect blend of espresso beans. 

Travel Journal for Moms Who Travel

Moms who travel a lot may like to document the places they have been.  That’s why giving her a Travel Journal would be perfect for her to transcribe all of her travel plans.  

While she is on vacation, she can write down the food she’s eaten, things she’s learned, and her encounters.  This way, mom can remember all her experiences by looking at her travel journal whenever she wants. 

Language Learning Programs

If your mom travels to different countries, she could use language learning products.  Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular companies specializing in teaching anyone a new language.  She’ll learn how to speak another language by hearing it, repeating it, and seeing the written text.  

However, Rosetta Stone isn’t the only company to learn from.  There is another language learning software company called Babbel.  With Babbel, she can use their app to learn up to 14 different languages. 

Either way learning a new language could help mom navigate through other countries easier by speaking their language.     

Instant Bag Hanger

Most moms travel with a purse or bag, and we need something to keep the essentials readily available.  A bag hanger will help her keep her bag off the ground while she is traveling and on the go.  

While traveling, mom can free her hands by using the clip on doors, walls, rails, carts, etc.  She can attach the clip to the back of an airplane seat or on a table at a restaurant.  

Lastly, it’s not bulky or ugly either, this hook looks stylish and can stay clipped to a purse or around the wrist without a problem. 

Portable Diffuser for Moms Who Travel

Does your mom love pleasant smells in the air?  Does she love using essential oils?  If she likes having a diffuser at home but travels a lot, she may miss those sweet aromas that fill the air.  She won’t have to rush home anymore because you can give your mom a Portable Diffuser for Mother’s Day. 

Say What?!  Yes, she can take this with her on her travels and fill the space she’s in with essential oils like lemongrass or lavender.  

Sometimes, she may want to have a FRESH scent when going into a hotel room.  Instead of her having to spray her expensive perfume around, she can just turn this bad boy on, and she is good to go. 

Kindle eReader

If your mom loves to read just as much as she loves traveling, then a Kindle Paperwhite or eReader will be what she didn’t know she needed.  This electronic Reader lets her pick from thousands of books anytime, anywhere.  I know she loves to read a good book while on the beach sipping on a Mai – Tai.  

So with the Kindle Paperwhite, she won’t have to take the heavy books with her anymore.  She can have just this one electronic device that will hold all the books she needs.   

Travel Adapter

A universal Travel Adapter is a must for moms who love to travel internationally.  She will need to charge her gadgets in whatever country she’s visiting.  This travel adapter has multiple outlets for different countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, the US, and Europe.

Electronics Organizer

Have you ever heard of an Electronics Organizer?  Well, this organizer will be an awesome Mother’s Day gift.  An electronics organizer will help her keep all of her charging cables headphone jacks, and more organized and out of the way.  You can choose a small and cute handheld one that would fit in her purse. 

However, if she travels with many gadgets, then get her the larger one.  The perfect Mother’s Day gift to help keep all of her devices and cords in one place. 

Wine Bag for Moms Who Travel

Does your mom like collecting wine from her travels?  If so, then having a Wine Bag will help protect her wine bottle from breaking and any unexpected spills.  The plastic wine bag with insulated bubble wrap is cheaper and more convenient. 

Yet, if she wants something more stylish, you can get her a cute fabric Wine Bag with handles for easy carrying.

Book A Travel Experience

Since you landed on this article, we know that you have a mom who loves to travel. So why not give her a travel experience?  Booking a travel experience is a unique travel gift for mom. 

Giving a gift of experience is awesome because it’s something that she can do.  One that you can book for her is a Big Bus Tour for the city or country she is visiting.  That way, she can see all the city sites from the comfort of a double-decker bus.  Then she can hop on/hop off to continue exploring.  

Another experience you could gift her perhaps is a food tour.  Going on a food tour is an excellent way to learn about the cuisine and culture of the country.  Our food tour in Morocco was perfect in introducing us to all the amazing entrees, desserts, and drinks they have.  

How do you find these travel experiences?  I recommend going to GetYourGuide to book a travel experience.  They have thousands of activities, tours, and experiences in cities and countries around the world. 

In conclusion, Mother’s Day is a special time of the year.  Giving her a travel gift is an amazing way to show her love.  Don’t forget to spend some quality time with mom and show how much you appreciate her.  

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