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Holiday Gifts for Travelers

It’s officially the holiday season!! This is the time of the year where you start to see Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s and the leaves falling from trees changing to beautiful fall colors. And you know what else comes with the fall season? The holidays and SHOPPING. This is the time where you really show people how much you care and cherish them by giving them a gift for Christmas.

Do you have any people in your life who loves to travel? Are you looking for the perfect gift for that travel lover in your life? Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I have made a list of some of the best gifts for holiday travelers. These are gifts from awesome tech gadgets like tripods that they can use during their travels to capture those beautiful places, experiences, and special moments. Also, I’ve included practical gifts to help them with packing and organizing their accessories. So stick with me as I walk you through the best gifts to buy for travelers this holiday season.


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Now if your family or friend likes to travel, they definitely can use a good gift like a camera. A camera helps the traveler to capture the beautiful places that they’ve been. Having a great camera is key for travelers, bloggers, and vloggers too.

Passport Holder 

Who doesn’t want a cute and handy passport holder? For one it helps with locating and spotting your passport right away. And it’s handy because they have pockets and sleeves on the inside to place your ID and credit cards. No need to carry a wallet too with this modern passport holder. It keeps everything in one place. They have slots for a boarding pass as well. If the traveler wants to be extra cautious during travel, then get one that is RFID Blocking. This keeps scammers from scanning the wallet and getting the credit card and personal information.

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Use this free printable checklist as a guide to take with you while on your shopping trip.

Travel Books

To help them prepare for that next travel adventure, then giving someone the gift of a travel book would be a great idea. One has to know where they are going right. Finding new places to go is always exciting, and that traveler would be grateful for this. I know that I would put a good travel book to use if someone gave me this gift. So, help that traveler learn about what country to go to next, and what to see and do with a new travel book.

Travel Water Bottle

Everyone needs a good water bottle, especially travelers. Having water is essential to everyday life and having one available at all times is a must. You could either choose a reusable collapsible water bottle. This would be good for the traveler that prefers a lighter load because it can be shrunken down and easily put away in the carry-on bag. Or you could go with the Hydroflask, which is a metal water bottle that will keep that water cold all day long. Yes, let me tell you from my experience..I would put some ice and water in my bottle in the morning, and guess what?! The ice is still there by the evening. Sometimes even overnight.

What?! Now that is some high quality H2O.


So headphones are a great gift for travelers for several reasons. For one it keeps you entertained while waiting at the airport. It gives you privacy as well as everyone else around you. Also, good quality headphones (noise cancellation) will block out the outside noise around so you can concentrate on that movie you’re watching. For me, the Beats noise-canceling headphones saved my life when I was flying back home from a deployment. We were on a C-17, and they are LOUD. The noise from the engine is just unbearable. But with those headphones on, I didn’t even have to have anything playing. It blocked out the LOUD noise and I was able to fall asleep.

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Portable Charger

So with all the gadgets that travelers carry with them, having a portable charger is a must. Why?! Because there won’t always be an outlet readily available to charge that cell phone or tablet. It comes in handy when I’m out in London all day and we are touring places outside. Even stopping to go in restaurants to eat, most likely there won’t be any outlets to plug that phone in. So this is the perfect gift for travelers, and it’s inexpensive too.

Luggage Tags

The traveler in your life will appreciate some cute and handy luggage tags. It helps with locating your bags off the conveyor belt quickly, especially (if you have a common color bag). It also helps the airline identify who the luggage goes to just in case they get lost in transport. Trust me that travel lover will want and NEED these luggage tags. Might as well make them fly…no pun intended.

Wine Carrier

Do you know how many times I’ve traveled to a different country and bought wine to bring back with me and didn’t have a wine carrier??!! Too many times! Until I finally decided to buy a wine carrier. I mean if you go to France, wouldn’t you want to bring back some French wine? A wine carrier helps protect that bottle from shattering. It is also insulated, keeping anything from spilling out if the bottle starts leaking for any reason. It’s stylish and has an easy to carry handle and straps for your shoulder. So instead of stuffing those wine bottles in your shoes, go get yourself a wine carrier today. Oh, it’s a gift..I mean go get your FRIEND a wine carrier today.

Kindle Paperwhite for Reading

A Kindle Paperwhite is a wonderful gift for frequent travelers. I love to read. I can always catch up on some reading when I’m traveling. I’m not distracted and I have ample time to read while riding on the train or waiting to board an airplane. The travel lover in your life would appreciate the gift of reading. They can download thousands of books to this Kindle and read along wherever they go. They can even take this bad boy to the beach, or by the pool and just relax.

Download the checklist to accompany this post

Use this free printable checklist as a guide to take with you while on your shopping trip.

Scratch Off-Map

Help that traveler in your life fill that wanderlust by giving them a Scratch-Off Travel Map. This map will capture the places that they’ve gone by allowing them to scratch it off. It’s also very nice to look at because of its unique and artistic design. They can hang up in the office or at home and start those conversations of places they have been. The wanderlust Scratch Off Map specifically is perfect as a gift because it’s packaging is in a decorative tube and includes a guitar pick, scratch pin, stickers, and more.

Smartphone 3 in 1 Lens Kit

Help them capture all the memories while exploring and traveling to a new place. How? By gifting that traveler with a Cell Phone 3 in 1 lens kit will be just what a traveler would appreciate. Using a lens kit will help the traveler take those photos at a wider angle view. Phones can only do so much, but the lens kit will expand the capabilities of their phone to take better quality pictures.

Travel Jewelry Case

Who travels with jewelry?! I DO! I love to look nice and this includes putting on some jewelry. Personally, I put on my jewelry every chance I get because the military doesn’t allow certain pieces while on duty. So yes, I would wear my hoop earrings and my Pandora bracelet whenever I can. Anyway, no one wants to have to put their jewelry in a ziplock bag while traveling. I mean that’s just tragic and a break of a chain waiting to happen. So instead of making a tangled mess of those beautiful necklaces and bracelets, then having a great travel jewelry case is essential. Your friend or family member will love this gift, I am sure of it. It helps to keep the jewelry organized and safe from tangles and kinks while keeping it all in one place. I just love my travel jewelry case.

Travel Journal Stamp Map

This stamp map will be so cute for that travel lover as a gift. It’s a small booklet size and includes a stamp and ink pads. It is used to stamp where the traveler has been. I can also be used to track where they want to go to next, and it’s room for taking notes. It’s like a passport that includes a faux registration and maps of the different countries. It’s small enough to carry everywhere with them.

Portable Speaker

The traveler will love a handy portable speaker. It’s small enough to carry anywhere and loud enough to get the job done. I like to listen to music or a podcast while I’m traveling and staying in a hotel. And let’s be honest, sometimes that cell phone speaker just ain’t gonna cut it. It’s also great for the adventurers that are taking camping trips and are out in the woods or in the tents. Or if they want to have some music playing while sitting poolside or even on the beach. The possibilities are endless on where and what the traveler can do with the portable speaker. Just a perfect gift. And if you want to take it even further, add on a subscription to Amazon Music. They’ll just be singing “I Love You” all year long.

Selfie stick & Tripod Stand

This is a nifty gadget any traveler would love to receive as a gift. The selfie stick Tripod will allow photos to be taken anywhere without having to extend that hand. take great shots of the entire crew. The tripod stand is used for taking great shots while hiking, mountain climbing, or even glamping. It’s a perfect lightweight travel companion to capture all those special moments.

Amazon Fire Tablet

Give the gift of entertainment. An Amazon Fire Tablet would be a great gift for travelers or anyone. They can download apps like Netflix and watch movies while on the go. Or they can go on Instagram and Facebook or browse the internet. There is also an option for gaming mode if they would like to have an awesome gaming experience. If you want to go the extra mile, give them the gift of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime will allow them to watch thousands of movies and videos. This gift sounds like a great combination for travelers.

Travel Scale

A travel scale for the travelers in your life will definitely come in handy. It is used to weigh the luggage before going to the airport. This will ensure that their luggage is not overweight. This portable travel scale will help them save tons of money so they won’t have to pay overage fees for their luggage. Did you know some airlines charge upwards of $99 dollars for luggage being overweight?!! That is outrageous! So go ahead and help your travel lover save MONEY!!

Hanging Toiletry Bag

This stylish toiletry bag will help keep all of the essential items like soap, lotion, razors organized and in one place. This convenient toiletry bag includes a hook to hang up just about anywhere, so there won’t be any need to unpack it all. You can keep the products all in there and see everything you have through the clear plastic dividers. I don’t travel anywhere without my toiletry bag. It helps me stay organized and know where everything is. When it’s time to leave the hotel for the day, just zip it up and pack it away. No mess, no fuss.

Travel Power Strip

A Travel Power Strip is a must for keeping all of your electronics charged. What’s so great about this is that you can charge multiple accessories at one time. I mean my boo thang, my daughter, and myself always need to charge our items and it seems like it’s at the same time. So instead of fighting over that one convenient outlet that’s at the hotel, just plug this bad boy in and everyone can use it at the SAME TIME. Now that’s technology that keeps me sane. And I’m sure it’ll keep the travel lover in your life sane too with this awesome gift.

Travel Scrapbook

A Travel Scrapbook is another great choice as a gift for travelers. This scrapbook can hold up to 100 photos of their travel adventures. This will be a special book for the family to look back on and remember the places they have gone. It will capture the memories for years and years to come. Let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with a good ole fashion scrapbook filled with memorabilia. And if you have pictures of yall, be the first to add it to their book. They’ll love it and cherish the memories forever.

Small Desktop Globe

Who doesn’t love a globe? Help that travel lover show off their hobbies of travel by displaying a dazzling world globe on their desk. Help them destress from the everyday work-life by gazing at this stylish globe and remembering their greatest adventures. And if you get them a pushpin globe, they can use it to pinpoint where they’ve been so far.

Download the checklist to accompany this post

Use this free printable checklist as a guide to take with you while on your shopping trip.


Now bae-bae, this right here is the TRUTH. We live in a world where we have electronics galore. When I travel, especially if I’m going on a long journey like a deployment to the desert. Then having an electronic organizer travel bag is King. Why? Well me personally, I’m bringing everything. My laptop, my tablet, my Bluetooth Beats Headphones, Apple Airpods, and CELL PHONE. Did I name them all?! LOL…I lost track. But yeah having all of these electronics means that I have a lot of cables to keep up with, and don’t get me started if my FAMILY is traveling with me. Whew that’ll be a lot, needless to say, that your travel friend or family would LOVE to add this to their collection. It’s sleek, compact, and will have all of their gadgets in one place. Sounds like a Win…Win…

LED Reading Booklight

Clip this reading light on to a book and you will be good to go. It’s perfect for traveling once all the cabin lights are turned off and you don’t want to disturb anyone. It is also great to use in bed too, so the other person doesn’t have to be disturbed by the big glaring ceiling light. It’s excellent to use while camping. The LED booklight works great while on deployments as well while living in a tent because you cannot turn on the big light, since people are sleeping at all times of the day, so using one of these to read is a smart alternative. The light is sleek and small enough to carry anywhere. Gift one of these today for the travel and booklover in your life. Oh, and it’s pretty cheap too.

That is my list of the best holiday gifts for travelers. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

Do you have any gifts you can add to the list? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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It is officially the holiday season. Here I have gathered the best travel gifts in this gift guide to give to your family or friends for the holidays. Give the gift of travel accessories that they can actually use. Travel gifts for Women| Christmas Gifts| Teenagers Gifts| Gifts for Men| #giftguide #christmasgifts #holidays #travel


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  2. Absolutely loved your gift list. Found a couple things here that I’m going to ask Santa for!

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      Thank you. I’m glad that you were able to find a gift for you that’s on the list. I hope Santa brings it to you. 😀

  3. Love this list! The tripod stand and selfie stick are a game changerz

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    Wow you’ve picked some really good choices! I love the fact there’s something for any budget!

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