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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to start making money online? Affiliate marketing is a great choice to make money online. It’s an effective way for bloggers, online businesses, and influencers to make passive income. 

But first, do you already have an online business? Or are you selling products on social media? If so, do you have a website or blog to help boost your sales? If not, you should get one. It’s easy to set up a new website and then start a blog. Check out how to start a blog here. 

So what is affiliate marketing?

Once you have your website set up, you can begin affiliate marketing. It’s when a company or brand gives you a commission for helping them earn money by promoting their product. For instance, for my travel blog, I promote for travel accommodations.  If someone clicks on my unique tracking link and book a room, I will get a percentage of that booking for referring them to their site. I decided to partner with because I use them for some of my hotel bookings and love their company. Therefore, it’s easy for me to promote and talk about them because I have personal experience using their services. With that being said, since I book accommodations with them, I pay them some good money. So it’s only fitting that I can get a small percentage of that back by promoting a company that I already love.  

So, as a blogger, you can make money by joining affiliate programs and promoting their products. When I started my blog, I didn’t realize that I could make money and turn my blog into a business. I just simply wanted to share my experiences with others about my travels throughout Europe. I was so inspired by how much other bloggers have helped me plan my trips, that I wanted to do the same. 

Scared money don’t make no money

Needless to say, once I started my blogging journey and learning more, I realized that you could make money from it. It’s not about being greedy, either. Because let’s face it, running a small business, website, or blog takes money to do it. From getting a professional yet cheap website to purchasing resources like plug-ins, and photo-editing, and software. Those things can add up.

But, the shining light at the end of the tunnel is that you could get some of that money back by promoting the companies you love and use. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation? Well, I think so.

It’ll allow you to showcase your product or services more in detail through writing articles regularly.  

So how do you get started making money, and where to get affiliates?

So, to start the process of partnering with a company as an affiliate is easy. You can go to Google and type in the company’s name and affiliate and it should come up from there. Sometimes I just go to the company’s main page and scroll down to the footer.  You’ll usually see affiliates, influencers & partnerships, or Work With Us links. Just click on that link and fill out the application. The initial applications are generally simple to fill out.

Then, once accepted into the program, you will continue to set up your profile from there. You will have to fill out your business name, or your name if you are a sole proprietor.  Then enter basic personal info like your address and phone number.

Next, you’ll have to fill out a tax form. Because of course, when making money, you and the company have to share that information with the IRS.  But it’s simple, trust me.  Having a small business as a sole proprietor, you’ll enter your social security number as your tax ID. Doing this will identify who you are.  

Don’t worry.  It’ll get less complicated for you as you continue to sign up for other affiliates. 

The Disclosure

Oh, before you start promoting affiliates on your website, you must have a disclosure statement to be legal. This statement needs to be in plain sight for your audience to see and not hidden. 

You must put this disclosure on every post you make that has affiliates within it. 

For instance, see mines below. 

This post contains affiliate links to the products that I use and recommend. If you click on any of the links and make a purchase, then I may earn a small commission. For more info, click my full disclosure.

Ready to get started making money with affiliates? Well then, Let’s go!

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make money with flex offers

Flexoffers is an award-winning marketing network used by advertisers and publishers.  They have over 12K advertisers, making this a one-stop-shop solution to publishers (that’s you) and merchants (the company). 

There are a ton of top brand companies to promote through their Publisher Pro affiliate network.  The great thing about Flexoffers is that once you get approved for the platform, it’s easy to apply to other companies with just a few clicks.  

Additionally, the integration of links and banners to your website is seamless.  Plus, the platform is easy to navigate.  No matter your niche, you will find the best companies that’ll fit your brand and style. 

Also, I love how once you log in, you will see how all of your links are performing through their network stats.  

Then, once you refer Flexoffers to your audience, you can earn $50 per account if they pay to advertise with them. Plus, the payout is quicker than some of the other networks getting paid on a NET 60-day basis.  

Not to mention, the network professionals are available during business hours if you have any questions.   

So, a few merchants that I use through Flexoffers are:

2. ShareASale 

make money with shareasale

Next up is ShareASale, another successful affiliate marketing network for bloggers, businesses, and influencers. They have been in the industry for over 20 years.  ShareASale gives opportunities for merchants to showcase their products and by bridging those companies with affiliates.  

So, Businesses use this platform to allow publishers to earn a commission by promoting their business and products. 

Plus, ShareASale is a part of the Awin group, and together they enabled advertisers to gross over $14B in revenue, and the affiliates made $1B of that last year!  

Furthermore, ShareASale is suitable for any niche’ too.  They have a range of products from retail, household goods to computer products, digital services, and travel.  They have a variety of businesses that you can partner with to monetize your blog.

Furthermore, they have over 16,550 within their network to partner with.  Which includes leading industry brands like Shein, Reebok, Minted. and Viator.  

The Dashboard is simple..

The platform is pretty easy to navigate as well.  The affiliate dashboard has quick snapshots of how well the merchants you use are performing.  It gives 30-day stats of your top five companies clicked.  You can track your commission on their user-friendly site as well.  

Not to mention, I like that they give you tips on what to write about on your blog.  For instance, they inform you on what holidays are coming to prepare your content around that.   

Furthermore, 260 affiliates join its program every single day.  It’s free and easy to join as an affiliate.  

The commission is $150 for each merchant signed up through your link.  Earn $30 for every affiliate that signs up.  Only earn if the affiliate makes at a minimum of $20 through commissions. 

3. Impact Radius 

Impact Radius is a top-rated up-and-coming affiliate marketing platform.  The Partnership Cloud makes Impact Radius the “World’s leading platform for partnership automation.”

Impact makes it easy to connect with merchants through its marketplace.  They offer an entire suite of automation tools to make your life easier so you can get your money seamlessly. 

Similarly, they have thousands of merchants on this platform, and I have seen first-hand about three affiliates I work with transfer to them.  Impact Radius partners with thousands of affiliates and top brands such as Walmart, Khols, Too Faced, Tailwind, Canva, Airbnb, Debutify, and many more. 

Additionally, they have an extensive catalog of over 9M products available.  So no matter what your niche is, you will find partners to work with successfully.

How to earn money

You can earn by referring customers to Impact Radius too.  Earn a percentage when your audience purchases from Impact through your affiliate link.  Impact Radius rewards its high performers with the opportunity to get bonuses.  They have no limits on how much you can earn.

On top of that, Impact Radius has a flexible payment plan that allows you to set your date on when you get paid each month.  Choose from 2 payment methods ACH or PayPal, for your specific currency.  

Furthermore, Impact offers exclusive promo codes to boost your earnings. With them, it’s so many different ways you can earn money for your blog.  

Lastly, with Impact Radius, you’ll get better performance tracking and increased commission payout opportunities.

4. Tailwind

make money with Tailwind

Tailwind is a fantastic social media scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram.  

Using Tailwind for Pinterest will help you grow your blog and get more page views.  If you’re not already using Tailwind for your blog, I highly recommend that you should start. 

You can join Tailwind and begin utilizing the tools to grow your blog for free.  Besides, Tailwind has a Forever Free plan that includes 20 posts/month for FB & IG, 20 posts with Tailwind Create, and have access to 5 Tailwind Communities. 

Tailwind has a community of bloggers in every niche that you can join.  Get your pins out there and reach further with Tailwind Communities.  People in your niche will pin your posts, and you can pin there’s too. 

All about the benjamins baby

Tailwind has a spectacular affiliate program too.  The affiliate program is free and easy to join through Impact Radius.  Once you join, you will receive tutorials and guides to help you succeed at using and promoting them.

Now, you can promote Tailwind to bloggers in any niche. Bloggers aren’t the only ones that will benefit from Tailwind.  Anyone with a website trying to promote their business can take advantage by signing up with them.

Also, Tailwind offers excellent incentives too.  The more sales you make monthly, the more you can earn, up to 25% commission.  Receive a 15% commission from a paid subscriber, and if they subscribe again after the first year, you’ll earn an additional 15% payout as well.  The referral window for clicks stays open for 90 days.  

Download the Free Bonus Affiliate List Here & Get access to the other 3 awesome Travel Affiliate Programs

5. Canva Pro

What can I say? I love, love, love using Canva Pro.  It has helped me tremendously since the start of my blog.  Canva Pro makes creating graphics for my blog and social media sites super easy.  They have custom templates already built for you.  To tailor it to your blog, it’s effortless with a click of a button.  

On Canva Pro, you can create your brand kit, font and colors, and logo for your blog.  So if you’re not using Canva Pro for your blog, then you are missing out. Big time.  I highly recommend utilizing them. 

Joining the Program

Plus, they offer an outstanding affiliate program.  It’s simple to sign up and join the program, and it’s free!  Canva will provide you with beautiful graphics and banners to include in your blog posts.

They cater to their affiliates and want to see you succeed.  Canva Pro offers numerous tutorials to help you get started and earn money.  Their affiliate program is on Impact Radius, so just fill out the application and wait for your approval.  

Then, when someone signs up for the monthly program through your unique link, you will earn an 80% commission for two months! Yes, you heard me, 80%!  Also if they sign up for an annual plan, you will earn a one-time 25% commission upon the customer paying the annual membership fee.  You will get paid monthly in commission.  The referral (cookie) window for user sign-up is 30 days. 

6. Bluehost

Bluehost is an incredible Webhosting platform where you can host your blog or website.  That’s why it’s the perfect affiliate program to promote for any niche.  It’s effortless to sign up here by completing the enrollment form.  

Additionally, earn $65 in commission per every qualified referral.  There was over $5M paid out to affiliates in commissions last year.  Commissions are paid between 45 to 60 days after qualified purchase accrual.  There are several options to get paid, such as Standard PayPal (this is what I do), PayPal Payouts, wire transfers (have to earn $10,000+ within 90 days for that option, same goes for the ACH transfer option.  So if you’re just starting, the only practical choice is using PayPal.

Furthermore, the Bluehost dashboard is user-friendly.  You can track your stats, how many people are clicking your trackable links, and sign-ups.  It is shown on these cool bar graphs and pie charts, making it easy to comprehend.  You will have access to your tracking link and clickable banners to promote on your site located on the affiliate dashboard.

We be blogging

If you don’t already have a professional website, then I highly suggest using Bluehost. Having a website and a blog will help boost your business and catapult your reach. With starting a blog, you should also need a domain name. You can choose a domain with Namecheap for only $.99.  Here you can search and create your domain name for your website.

Starting a blog with Bluehost will show your customers that you are serious about your business. It also looks very professional when you have your own website. Personally, I would purchase a product from someone’s website knowing that it’s secure versus a social media page. 

With that being said, housing your blog on Bluehost would be the easiest affiliate partner to promote since you have your own blog on this platform.  Then you can demonstrate and explain to your audience just how incredible their platform is.  Considering that Bluehost’s platform is professional, makes setting up your blog super easy, and has everything you need to build your blog.

Finally, check out my post on How to Start a Blog to get the ridiculously easy run-down from start to finish. 

Affiliates List Download + 3 Freebies

Download this quick list of affiliates to start making money now!

7. Grammarly 

Make money with Grammarly's Affiliate Program

I must say that Grammarly has saved me tons of time and headaches from proofreading and editing my posts. It’s incredible how it corrects the spelling of your writing but also the structure of it. It’s the best writing assistant you could have.   

Signing up for Grammarly’s affiliate program is simple.  Sign up in under 60 seconds!  Sign up for Grammarly 2 ways, through its website or with ShareASale

Grammarly is competitive with its high conversion rates of 20-30%.  They sometimes offer cash bonuses, increased payouts, and discounts to their premier performers.  

Besides the bonuses, you can earn in 2 different ways.  First, you’ll earn $.20 by referring customers to sign up for the free account.  Then if they upgrade to the premium account, the commission will be $20.  

Another thing to mention, Grammarly has a 90 referral (cookie) window.  Which time starts when the customer first clicks on your affiliate link.  Then it’ll be considered a “qualified purchase” if they buy one of the plans within 90 days. 

Furthermore, you can receive your money by check, direct deposit, or bank transfer. 

8. WP Engine

Make money with WP Engine

WordPress Engine is another hosting platform for websites, large & small businesses, and bloggers. They are the leader in the World’s Digital Platform Experience for WordPress. 

You can join WP Engine through its website or the ShareASale network.  Along with joining WP Engine, you’ll also have access to promote StudioPress as well.  StudioPress has professional premium themes that fall under the umbrella of WP Engine.  But don’t you worry, you can use the same trackable link to promote WP Engine and StudioPress. 

Again, promoting WP Engine and StudioPress will be a breeze. Why? Because once you start a blog, you know you need to have an excellent hosting platform, and you will need a premium paid theme.  If you mean business, you have to have the best so that your customers know that you are serious. 

So, since you will have a powerful, seamless hosting platform and theme, you can share with your audience your experience and why they need it too.  As simple as that

How to make that money

For WP Engine, you will earn $200 in commission per purchase or 100% of what the customer paid for the first month. 

WP Engine has an impressively long 180-day cookie.  And a 60-day cookie for StudioPress premium themes. 

They offer ways you can earn bonuses up to $1500 every month.  Plus, get access to exclusive discounts to show your audience. 

Additionally, you can promote StudioPress website themes and earn 35% of the qualifying sales. 

To receive a commission, the customer has to keep their subscription for a minimum of 62 days for WP Engine and 60 days for StudioPress.  

You’ll receive payment through Shareasale after the 20th of every month.  

**Another BONUS**

The more referrals you make per month, the more you can earn.  See chart below.

WP Engine Affiliate to make money

9. Semrush

Make money with Semrush

Semrush is one of the best companies for its SEO, content marketing, and competitive research program.  And it’s all in one platform. 

Semrush marketing tool is excellent for bloggers, small and large businesses to utilize.  The World’s most prominent companies that use Semrush are Walmart, Samsung, Tesla, IBM, and more. 

Semrush software program encompasses a vast 20 billion keywords research tool for 130 countries and SEO recommendations to help your website get seen and rank on Google.  They have over 40+ tools being used by 7M marketers today.  

Promoting Semrush is easy for any niche’ because everyone needs a tool for marketing and SEO.  This program will assist bloggers with growing their business and their audience.  

Their affiliate program

So, to join the affiliate program is simple by just filling out a quick application form here.

Then you’ll have access to your unique trackable link, stylish banners, and landing pages to use on your blog. 

Earn $10 per trial activation, $200 per sale, with last-click credit, and 120-day cookie life.  The payout is 20 days after the end of the month.  

Additionally, Semrush regularly offers incentives and contests for different ways to earn money and drive profitable sales.

10. Fiverr

160x600 Keep your business moving forward

Last, but not least Fiverr offers and connects freelancer services to businesses.  Find some of the best and most experienced freelancers on this platform.  Fiverr tailors to companies that need help with digital services. 

Fiverr has tons of digital services from Fiverr Pro, website builders & CMS, mobile apps, Game Development, Logo Maker, Proofreading, SEO. Pretty much any digital service you can think of they offer for businesses.  In fact, 5.5M people have utilized Fiverr for their businesses.

Since you have a blog, you are technically a Freelancer, so promoting Fiverr to your audience makes sense. And if you want to make extra cash, you could work for Fiverr too. 

Money, Money, Money, money, money

To apply to the affiliate program, just fill out this quick sign-up form

Receive up to $150 in commissions for each referral.  

Then you can grab some of their creative tools like banners, GIFS, interactive banners, and video banners. Having this variety of options will boost your clicks. 

Fiver CPA is from $15-$150 depends on the purchase.  They offer a fixed revenue of $10 CPA + 10% RevShare. 

Here is a list of commission rates for a few categories.

​​PA commission rates per Fiverr categories:

  • Pro services – $150
  • Game Development – $50
  • Website Builders & CMS – $40
  • Mobile Apps & Web- $40
  • Web & Mobile Design – $40
  • E-Commerce Development – $40
  • Web Programming  – $30
  • SEM  – $30
  • Proofreading & Editing  – $30
  • Articles & Blog Posts – $25
  • Virtual Assistant – $25
  • Illustration – $25
  • E-Commerce Marketing  – $25

Well, ladies and gents, that’s all I have today. Are there any affiliate marketing programs you use currently? If so, please let me know in the comments below.  

Download the Free Bonus Affiliate List Here & Get access to the other 3 awesome Travel Affiliate Programs

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