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7 Best Places to See Christmas Lights in London

It’s that time of the year again, Christmas time, that is.  Visiting London during the holiday season is so incredible.  If you live in England, Europe, or Africa, it is a must to seek out the Christmas lights in London.  Or if you are thinking of visiting London from the United States, then making a trip here during the holiday season would be the perfect time to see all the gorgeous Christmas lights.  What better way to enjoy Christmas than by seeing the famous Christmas lights in London? 

So, I’ve been living in England for three years now, so I’ve been able to enjoy the London Christmas lights and festivities.  I must say that I’d never experienced Christmas like this before I moved abroad.  It’s just something exceptional about the holiday season here.  People are out socializing with their friends, drinking mulled wine, and waiting for the snow to fall.  Families are out with the kids looking for that special gift for their loved ones. People are out roaming the streets to see those twinkling London Christmas lights and showstopping displays.  The hustle and bustle of London around this time is double because people are out enjoying all of the festivities.  Besides, Christmas only comes once a year, so it is a must to get up and get out and partake in the joy of Christmas.

What street in London is famous for Christmas lights?

In this post, I have gathered a list of where to find the best Christmas lights in London.  This covers the main streets and areas famous for Christmas lights in London including Regent Street and Oxford Street.  These are the best places I think you should visit on your trip to London.  Seeing the Christmas lights in London will surely get you into the Christmas spirit.  

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What is Christmas like in London?

There is nothing else like Christmas in London.  Celebrating Christmas in London is special.  London goes all out with its Christmas lights, storefront displays, Christmas exhibits, and trails of lights.  It is a wonderful thing to see up close and personal.  So make sure you get ready to sip on some hot chocolate or partake in drinking mulled wine while gazing upon the prettiest light displays ever.  Seeing the Christmas lights in London is magical. 

Not only that, but London puts on a SHOW with all types of things to do to get you in the holiday spirit.  From incredible theatre shows like the Nutcracker to Christmas Markets or ice skating.  Similarly, London remarkably knows how to celebrate Christmas with its decor and events.  Even Scrooge won’t be mad while admiring the Christmas lights in London. He will start singing. Let it, Snow, Let it, Snow, Let it, Snow.   

Without further ado, here are the Best Christmas Lights in London. 

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1. Christmas lights on Regent Street 

Christmas Lights

The iconic “The Spirit of Christmas” theme is back this year for Regent Street’s display of Christmas lights in London.  On the entire length of the road, you’ll see the flying angels swinging and shimmering high above the street.  They are lined up and down the street displayed beautifully. 

Still, you can visit the flying angels at any time. However, the lights are turned on daily at 2 PM and shut off at midnight.  If you decide to go during the day, you can still see the sparkling Christmas lights of the angels well.  But if you want to wait to see the lights at night in their full glory, then you can wait until the sun goes down, which isn’t that late since the sun starts to go down about 3:30 pm, yes 3:30.  So you can start your day in the afternoon of chasing street lights and still make it home at a decent hour.  

Another thing, Regent Street is very busy, so be careful while chasing the London Christmas lights.  The shopping season is in full swing, so you will see people walking around everywhere with bags in their hands.  If you want to get a nice picture of Christmas lights, you should walk in the median right below the angels and snap a picture.  You will feel the pulse of London right here on Regent Street with the big Red buses zooming by and black taxi cabs everywhere.  

When: 13 Nov – 2 Jan

Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus, Piccadilly, and Green Park

2. Christmas lights on Carnaby Street

London Carnaby

Carnaby Street in Soho is a popular pedestrianized shopping area that’s very lively.  Not only will you enjoy seeing the Christmas lights in Carnaby, but you may even pop in a store or two and get some Christmas shopping done. 

Every year Carnaby puts on a fabulous theme for its Christmas lights in London.  This year’s theme is Carnaby Kaleidoscope.  In Carnaby, the streets have spectacular displays of over 600 dazzling 3D and 2D butterflies fluttering in the air.  These stunning vibrant neon colors will surely make you smile while walking down the streets of London.  The displays are full of sparkling pinks, blues, and green colors.   

So, what is the reason for this gorgeous display of butterflies for Christmas lights?  Well, Carnaby teamed up with a charity campaign called Choose Love.  This charity campaign is helping raise money to aid and support refugees all over the globe.  The butterflies represent hope, change, and spiritual rebirth.  A group of butterflies means Kaleidoscope.

Anyhow, the installations are beautiful and different from your traditional Christmas lights in London, but that makes it even more special and fun.  And realizing why the beautiful butterflies are fluttering around the streets of Carnaby is phenomenal.  

When: 4 Nov

Nearest Tube: Station Picadilly Circus, Oxford Circus. 

3. Bond Street

Christmas Lights Display

There’s something incredible about going around London and spotting the Prettiest Christmas lights displays. The magic of Christmas on Bond Street is like no other. On Bond Street, this area is a little classier or luxurious.  It’s the theme for this year is peacocks. 

While walking along the sidewalks, you’ll see sparkling white feathers and lights placed all around the buildings and mid-air.  Along with the feathers are their infamous white peacock’s sparkling chandeliers.  White lights, feathers, and peacocks, oh my.  Here, the Christmas lights are more classic decorations with sliver and pink baubles spread throughout. It’s not too flamboyant at all.  

However, Bond Street has some of the best luxury decorated stores and window displays here.  One of the most stunning storefront Christmas lights in London displays is Cartier. 

Cartier is always a front runner for the best Christmas lights in London display every year.  This year Cartier is decorated with classic red and gold Christmas color with a gigantic bow draping almost the entire length of the building.  Then, across the street, you’ll find a beautiful and iconic Bond Street Christmas tree with all the shimmering lights and decorations.  Ralph Lauren has a gorgeous window display and Christmas lights on the store, and Tiffany & Compay looks like a dream full of candy-colored clouds and a sky full of twinkling stars.  

When: 12 Nov – 1 Jan 

Nearest Tube: Green Park, Piccadilly Circus

4. Oxford Street Christmas Lights in London

London Christmas lights

Oxford Street is by far the most prominent shopping street in London.  It has also become the most famous street for its stunning display of London Christmas lights.  This year it is full of dazzling stars hanging down from the sky.  These beautiful displays will put you in a joyous Christmas mood.  You’ll just love walking down Oxford street and feeling all the Christmassy vibes in the air.  Continue to take a look at the falling stars hanging from all the beautiful buildings on this street.  As you walk, don’t forget to gaze at some of the Christmas lights in the storefront windows and buildings.  

Additionally, Oxford Street is another bustling area in central London, so you will see tons of people out shopping and taking in the Christmas lights too.  Oxford Street is right next to Regent’s Street, so you’ll kill two birds with one stone on your Christmas lights sightseeing.  Also, what”s very cool is that Oxford Street has teamed up with an illustrator to create a colorful interactive map of all the different places, shopping, and festivities you can see and do while chasing those spectacular Christmas lights in London.

When: 13 Nov – 2 Jan

Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus

5. Covent Garden

There’s nothing like Christmas than Christmas in Covent Garden.  The festivities in the square Piazza are endless and merry.  Every year Covent Garden displays its gigantic Christmas Tree right in the middle of the cobbled stone Square, filled with dazzling Christmas lights and decorations.  Not only that, every year, Covent Garden graces us with fake Snow showers in the square every hour on the hour from 12 pm – 7 pm.  It is exciting for kids to see the snow falling.  Shoot, it’s exciting for my daughter and me too. LOL.  

This year Covent Garden’s theme is Let it Go, Let it GoDisney’s Frozen.  Since Frozen is playing at the West End theatre this season, CG decided to do an epic Frozen theme.  So visit the Frozen Forrest of snowy trees at any time for free in the Piazza.  Don’t miss walking through the Covent Garden’s Infinity Chamber that’s Frozen over in ice colors with snowflakes twinkling all around.

Besides that, Covent Garden Piazza isn’t the only area to see Christmas lights in London.  Walk around to the surrounding streets of Covent Garden and admire the beautiful Christmas lights displays that are in front of the shopping stores and restaurants.  For instance, the Ivy Market grill puts on a gorgeous display every year.  Christmas lights in London are remarkable here in Covent Garden. It is a must-see. 

When: 9 Nov  – 3 Jan 

Nearest Tube: Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Charing Crossing

6. Seven Dials Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Seven Dials is in the heart of London’s West End, yet an escape from the hustle and bustle of the main streets of London.  Take a step back to relax and gaze at their woodland theme of festive Christmas lights.  See the gorgeous white branches glimmering as night falls.  Plus, this season, they have prepared a little treat for everyone in Neal’s Yard called ​​Neal’s Yard Festive Arch featuring a rainbow of lights.  All you have to do to see the sparkling rainbow is make a little donation for the charity they partnered with Young Camden Foundation.  

If you go in November, you could watch Seven Dials start the Christmas season at their annual Winter Festival.  If you missed the festival, that’s okay because every Saturday up until Christmas, Seven Dials Unplugged has live music shows from 2- 7 pm.  

Finally, pop into Chick’N’Sours for some good fried chicken if you get hungry.  This year they have two seasonal fried chicken sandwiches to fill your tummies and get you into the Christmas spirit.  Not feeling fried chicken, not to worry because Seven dials have over 50 restaurants, cafes, and pubs.  

When: 18 Nov –  7 Jan

Nearest Tube: Covent Garden, Leicester, Holburn

7. Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland is one of the biggest areas for Christmas lights in London.  Winter Wonderland is located in Hyde Park that masses over 350 acres.  At Winter Wonderland, you will be all in the feels of Christmas festivities galore.  Not only are there thousands of dazzling lights displayed throughout the park, but it’s an entire Christmas festival.  

On top of that, Winter Wonderland is one of the sought-after events of the season that everyone looks forward to seeing.  It has some of the best carnival rides, Christmas Circus shows, and an ice skating rink.  You could stay at this park for hours.  Then you can finish up the night by shopping at the Christmas market that has over 100 stalls.  You must pre-book your tickets to enter, but you can stay all day after that.  However, paying for entry, rides, and shows can be pretty pricey.  However, it’s worth at least going once while in London.  

When: 19 Nov – 3 Jan 2022

Nearest Tube: Bond Street, Victoria, Marble Arch, Green Park

Other Notable Places to See Christmas Lights in London 

Kew Gardens 

When: 17 Nov – 9 Jan 

Nearest Tube: Richmond

Why: For the Winter Trail and dazzling tunnel of lights.  

Leadenhall Market

When: 19 Nov – 9 Jan 

Nearest Tube: Bank 

Why: For its massive Christmas tree, live music, festive lights, and Christmas events in this iconic 14th Century site.

Marylebone Village

When: 17 Nov – 9 Jan 

Nearest Tube: Marble Arch, Bond Street

Why: For its beautiful Georgian streets filled with Christmas lights and festive displays.

South Molten Street (Mayfair)

When: 17 Nov – 9 Jan 

Nearest Tube:  Oxford Circus, Bond Street

Why: For the dazzling blue arches and blue lights. 

Annabel’s at Mayfair

When: 17 Nov – 9 Jan 

Nearest Tube: Green Park

Why: For its Iconic storefront themes, this year is a Gingerbread house covered in millions of Swarovski crystals.

The Shard

When: from 25 Nov 

Nearest Tube: London Bridge

Why: For the colorful Aurora lights from The top of the Shard.  


When: 20 Nov – 9 Jan 

Nearest Tube: Green Park

Why: For the colorful Christmas tunnel at Duke of York Square.  Plus, the beautiful display “Miracle on Mount Crumpit” at The Ivy Chelsea Garden.

There you have it; the best Christmas lights in London to see. Of course, there are many other places to see London Christmas lights, but I would start with this list that I have gathered. Christmas is an extraordinary time of the year, and spending some of that chasing Christmas lights in London is incredible.  I hope you enjoy your sightseeing and have a wonderful holiday!  

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