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Road Trip Packing List

Planning on taking a road trip anytime soon? Well, you want to make sure that you’re prepared for anything that could happen along the way. Make sure that you have all the essentials you will need to have a wonderful experience and keep the entire family safe and happy.

So, I’ve gathered a list of essentials that I use and take on our road trips. I think this road trip packing list will be very useful for you too. 

Traveling during COVID-19

Considering everything going on with COVID-19, road trips have been more prevalent than ever. People feel safer traveling on the road rather than traveling on an airplane. I know I did. That’s because there is less contact with other people. And you’re not confined to an aircraft with re-circulation of the same air.

I just recently took a road trip to Cornwall and we had a great time out on the open road. So I know personally that going on a road trip is a great idea if you just want a change of scenery but still want to feel safe. That’s why I made this road trip packing list of things you need to take with you.

Never taken a road trip before, but anxious to get away? Don’t worry…I got you. Continue reading below about the essentials to pack for your epic road trip. 

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Getting Started on Your Road Trip

First off, what are you driving on your epic road trip?

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Okay so now we are you ready for the essentials for a road trip packing list? Okay, here we go.

1. First Aid Kit

Having a First Aid Kit is a must. You never know if someone cuts their finger, has swelling because of a fall or hits their elbow or knee on something, or gets burned by a lighter by accident.  Let’s face it, things happen. It’s better to be prepared when they do.  So having antiseptic and all those other essentials in the first aid kit will come in handy.

To be honest, I always try to travel with extra band-aids and antiseptic. Some will include Band-Aids, bandages, alcohol wipes, ibuprofen medicine, antibiotic ointment, and more. The kit is lightweight, compact, and usually comes in a plastic case.  This is not only good for travel, but to keep in the car at all times and in the home.

2. Food/Snacks

Bring some food and snacks. This is so you don’t have to stop and spend more money. You can just eat your food while traveling in the car. This is essential especially if you leave in the morning and don’t have to cook breakfast. You don’t want to have to stop every 2 hours to get some food for the family. Ultimately, having snacks available will satisfy everyone until you get to that final destination.

3. Paper Towels

Next, always have paper towels in the car in case of spills, or for your bag of chips. You just never know if a can of soda is going to explode everywhere. Or if your cup of coffee spill all over the seat or lap. Yes, this has happened to us, but because we were prepared and had the paper towels it made it much easier to clean up.

4. Cooler

Now, if you’re going on a road trip, then having a cooler is a must.  Have your food on ice.  We like to bring lunch meat, cheese, and mayo and make sandwiches while on the road.  Additionally, you can make pre-made PB&J sandwiches and it’s great to keep water and juice cold..or beer for the passenger.

5. Anti-Bacterial Wipes

So use these to wipe down and sanitize surfaces. Yes, that means inside the car too. I mean, especially if you are eating in the car, you want to make sure that the cupholders, pull-down trays (if you have them) are clean before use of eating food.  It’ll also double its use once you get to the hotel room or if you’re out camping to sanitize everything upon arrival.

6. Extra tissue

Of course, I mean tissue comes in handy for a runny nose.  Especially if you have allergies. We always keep extra Kleenex handy in the car and in my purse or bookbag.  

7. Moisturizing Hand Wipes

Now, using wipes helps to clean your hands where there isn’t water available to wash. To keep those hands nice and clean before you reach over for that snack. It’ll also double it’s use once you get to the hotel room or if you’re out camping and don’t have soap and water readily available.

8. Flushable Wipes

Again, this will come in handy when you make those pit stops to use the restroom. Some places don’t always have toilet paper available. And if there isn’t a stop for a long way, and you have to stop and handle your business in the woods then you’ll have something to wipe with. 

9. Comfy Shoes or Slippers 

You don’t want to have to keep those tennis shoes on the entire time. Get the back seat that is. Bring along those cozy slippers the let your toes breathe. You can also take with you to your final destination and wear in the hotel too.

10. Blanket

Bring a blanket if you or the kids get cold. Sometimes people’s body temperatures are different.  For example, on our trips with my dad as a kid growing up, he would want to keep the air conditioner on freeze, so we would have to bundle up on our trips.  Not to mention, it’s just nice to be comfy and cozy and have a piece of home with you.

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11. Amazon Fire Tablet

Now, this Amazon Fire tablet is mostly for entertainment and keeps you from getting bored.  And, you can stream and download movies and shows to watch while on the road. You can download some game apps and play for the ultimate gaming experience.

12. Headphones

Bring a good set of headphones, so everyone in the car doesn’t have to listen to your music or tv show. My daughter doesn’t like to listen to the music or podcasts I have playing in the car, so she’ll put on her headphones and listen to her own music. 

13. Reusable Water Bottle

We always bring water bottles with us to stay hydrated. It keeps money in your pocket so you don’t overspend buying water at gas stations. Particularly, the Super Sparrow water bottle is awesome. The stainless steel, double-walled water bottle keeps your water cold all day.  I mean I would put ice in the water bottle in the morning and it is still ice in there the next morning.

The Super Sparrow water bottle is encased in alluring packaging, so if you wanted to give this to someone as a gift this would be perfect.  The water bottles are very sleek and stylish, made for easy gripping and carrying. It comes in a variety of beautiful selected colors, so it’s one for everybody.  I love the fact that the tops can be switched out for different needs like for sports, or if you want to use a straw, or you can use the bamboo cap with a pull tab for easy carrying while traveling or out and about.  The bamboo cap is so appealing, I’ve never seen a lid like that before. 

I also like that the standard mouth water bottle comes with a cloth sleeve to cover the water bottle for protection and attached is a long strap to carry or put on your shoulder.  The water bottles were gifted to me and this is my honest opinion of what I think about these products. So, all in all, I recommend giving this water bottle a try. 

14. Coffee Flask/Mug

A travel mug or flask is great addition to have for coffee and hot tea while on the road. I make my coffee before leaving home and put it in my coffee mug. Then, hours later my coffee is still pretty hot. I personally use a hydro flask for my coffee. It is pretty awesome. My fiance has a Yeti. You can’t go wrong with either one.

15. Entertainment for Kids

So have different types of entertainment that kids could like a deck of playing cards or Uno cards.  They could play board games in the backseat as well.  Additionally, bring their favorite baby doll or stuffed animal so they feel comfortable. 

16. GPS Navigation

A navigation system is a must buy. Especially if you are traveling somewhere where there aren’t any cell phone towers. You can’t always depend on Google Maps on your cell phone.  For instance, I’m in the United Kingdom and there are a lot of dirt country roads around in the middle of nowhere.  And there won’t be a cell tower on site and my service will be dead for miles. You do not want to be caught in the middle of nowhere and not know which way to go. 

17. Car Emergency Kit

Take note, this essential item in particular is very important. You want to make sure that you have a car emergency kit while on the road. This is just in case you get a flat tire, the battery dies, or have leaks, running hot, etc. A kit usually includes jumping cables, flashlight, batteries, a safety vest, reflective triangles, etc. 

18. Portable Charger

Next, having a portable charger is great accessory to have to ensure your phone/tablet and all of your electronics stays charged and in case no other outlet is around.

19. Hand Sanitizer

Even if you are not on a road trip, having hand sanitizer in the car is a must especially now with COVID-19. Every time I make a stop at the gas station, grocery store, etc I always sanitize my hands when I get back in the car. And of course, it can be used to keep your hands clean before you eat or drink anything.

20. Jacket/Sweater

Always bring a jacket or sweater with you. You never know how the weather will turn out to be especially in England. It could be nice and sunny one minute and then cloudy and cool the next. It’s best to be prepared when stopping to sightsee.  

21. Raincoat

With that being said, in England, you should carry a raincoat at all times as well. However, even if you are not in England it’s a good idea to have one in the car just in case it rains wherever you are.  It’s easier to put on a raincoat than carrying around an umbrella while trying to explore. 

22. Umbrella 

Just like with a raincoat, carrying an umbrella with you would be a good idea also. I know some people have a preference for having a raincoat or umbrella. The good thing about an umbrella is if it rains it keeps your entire body from getting wet. The raincoat, you will still have a chance of your pants getting wet unless you get the really long one. So honestly, I would bring both.  You can never go wrong with being prepared. 

23. Travel Pillow and/or Neck Pillow

Again, having either a travel pillow or neck pillow is to help you be as comfortable as possible while traveling in the car. Kids can fall asleep in the car if they get tired and you can take a nap as well.  But you could also use the pillow to put behind your back to relieve back pain or put on your lap to prop up on your elbows. 

24. Kindle Paperwhite

I like bringing my Kindle Paperwhite with me on trips sometimes because it helps me catch up on my reading. You can download and choose from thousands of books and magazines on Amazon. The newest Kindle Paperwhite come with Audible, so you can listen to a book or switch it back to reading. You can sign up for an Audible free trial here and get 2 FREE books.

25. Cell Phone/USB Charger

Last but not least, you can’t leave home without your cell phone/USB charger. It’s essential to have this in the car even if you’re not going on a road trip. You don’t want to be stuck out somewhere and your phones die. That’s not a good feeling.  Plus you can listen to your music while charging your phone too.  

That’s it everyone. This is my top 25 essentials to bring on a road trip. I hope you have a great trip and find these items useful for you as it’s been for me. If you have anything that you love to take on the road, please comment below. Be Safe. Until next time peeps.



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  3. Great tips!

  4. Great list! This is just in time for a family road trip we have coming up for Thanksgiving.

    1. Roshunda says:

      Nice. I hope you guys have an enjoyable road tirp. Where are you going?

  5. I always bring some small board games for my kid on the road. Whenever we have a break we play a round of game to cheer up.

    1. Roshunda says:

      Nice. That’s good family time right there.

      1. First aid. Yes. I never think about that when taking a trip. And since I am planning one. Am book marking this!

        1. Roshunda says:

          That’s great you are now going to take one with you. Thanks for stopping by my page.

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