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Ultimate In-Flight Travel Essentials

Are you getting ready to travel? Are you getting prepared to pack your bags, but don’t know what ultimate in-flight travel essentials you need? Well, you’re in luck, because you came to the right place. Although we are in unprecedented times right now due to COVID 19, there are still some people that have to catch a flight and travel either for work, to see family, or for emergencies. Some people are even moving to a different country like my peers that are in the military. With that being said, I have gathered the ultimate in-flight travel essentials items that I use and carry-on the plane in order to be prepared and to have a comfortable flight.


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1. Toiletries
  • Sanitizing napkins, tampons, Summer’s Eve wipes, and/or baby wipes (just in case a restroom run out of tissue).
2. Toiletry bags
  • AKA make-up bags.  I usually have about 2 small toiletry bags for the flight.  You could have your face products and make-up in one.  Then put sanitizer, lotion, wipes, tissues, sanitizing napkins, tampons in the other.  
3. Hand Lotion/Eyecream
  • Hand Lotion
    • Lotion is used after every time you wash your hands or use the sanitizing wipes. No one wants dry, cracked skin. You can have just fill up a travel size bottle of your favorite lotion from your home stash, or you could purchase a pocket-size bottle of lotion. 

Eye cream

  • Eye cream is essential to keep your under eyes moisturized and prevent wrinkles. This Origins brand also brightens dark and dullness from your under eyes.
4. Rosewater spray bottl
  • Use spray bottles to keep your face hydrated. Flying at such a high altitude will dehydrate your skin.  Keep yourself refreshed by spritzing your face once every hour.
  • Buy travel-sized bottles for this
  • Use store-bought 100% pure Rosewater or a beauty favorite brand-Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater
 5. Make-up remover wipes
  • This is another great product for refreshing your face (especially during a long flight). Or to take off make-up/lipstick in case you need to reapply. This comes in handy after a good nap on the plane. Double as a hand wipe or underarms to refresh.

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6. Hand Sanitizer & wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
    • Always use antibacterial hand sanitizer to keep germs away. Use it before you eat, use it after you get on the plane, and use it after touching any handles, handrails, etc. 
  • Anti-Bacterial Wipes
    • Absolutely need antibacterial wipes to wipe down EVERYTHING on the plane (especially since COVID 19). Wipe down the seat, seatbelt, armrest, and tray table. If you are in the window seat. Clean the window and the side panel of it.

7.  Lip Balm
  • Your mouth will also need moisturizing during the flight. However, water is essential to prevent dry cracked lips as well.
8. Nail clippers                                                    
  • OMG not having nail clippers or a fingernail file while traveling is the worst. Make sure you have at least a pair of small nail clippers to carry on the plane just in case your nail gets snagged.  It could also double as some tiny scissors just in case you have to cut something like a tag on your new shirt.

Food & Drink

 9. Snacks – A Must
  •  Bring your own snacks so you don’t pay those expensive prices at the airport. And just in case you or your family get hungry during the flight. Those tiny bags of pretzels/peanuts usually are not enough.
10.  Water bottle
  • Bring an empty water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. After you go through security you can buy water from the store or you could find a water fountain to fill it up.  Also, it’s useful to use instead of the open cup the flight attendants give you in-flight. Since your water bottle has a lid, you could just pour the beverage in your water bottle for safekeeping and to prevent spillage.

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 11. Scarf/Hat
  • Scarf
    • For your head and neck.  A scarf can be used to keep your neck warm during flight.  It helps to sleep since you will have something cozy around your neck.  Or you could use it around your arms or for even a pillow.  Blanket scarves are the best.


  • A cozy hat would be a great addition as well. You could wear a hat on the plane to keep your head warm. Especially since the air vent right above the seat blow right on top of your head. But you don’t want to turn that off, the airplane needs some air circulating and it helps keep the germs away.

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 12. Travel blanket/Pillow
  • Blanket
    • Bring your own travel blanket, instead of using the ones the airline provides.  You don’t know if it is clean, and if someone else has used it before you.  You could get a cheap one that’s light and easy to travel with.  This is good to have for your flight and even use it to take a nap in the airport on long layovers.

 Travel pillow

  • This could be a small rectangular pillow or the popular circular neck pillow.  The circular neck pillow will help you sleep and keep your head from rolling all over the place.

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13. Compression socks
  • This is a lifesaver, especially on long flights.  Compression socks helps keep your blood circulating after sitting for so long.  Especially, if you end up being trapped in the middle seat and cannot get up (whoah). Or you can try Compression stockings, it has the same effects just depends on what you prefer.
14. Extra tissue/Napkins
  • Tissue
    •  Bring pocket-sized tissue to use for your nose. It can also double as a wipe to clean hands or to pick up something that you don’t want your fingers to touch.
  • Napkins
    • Need for food, to wipe your mouth and hands.  In case of spilling a drink, etc.


15. Universal adapter
  •  I have an adapter that has plugs for Europe, US, Japan, and UK.  It’s a lifesaver, so you don’t have to buy 5 different plugs, you can just have one.
16. Headphones
  • Please bring your own set of headphones to listen to music or watch a movie on your tablet.  This helps you from disturbing others on the plane if they are trying to sleep. Also, noise cancellation headphones are the truth. Sometimes I just wear them to drown out the noise around me, without any music on. Also, if you don’t want to be disturbed by the person sitting next to you, it’s the perfect decoy.
17. Portable charger 
  •  A portable charger is great to have to ensure your phone/tablet stays charged and in case no other outlet is around.

18. iPad/Kindle eReader
  • Bring an iPad or Kindle to watch movies, play games, read a book, or do homework.

P.S. Due to COVID-19, make sure you don’t forget to bring your face masks. To keep yourself healthy and for those around you too.

That’s it, guys. Are there any items that you would add to the Ultimate In-Flight Travel Essentials list that is a lifesaver for you? Let me know.

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Download this Ultimate FREE travel checklist PDF here.

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